“What exercise is best for my child?”

          “In what sport you recommend that a child goes?”



These are typical questions that show that modern, urban way of life often results in an excess of “free” time and lack of structured physical activity in children. Basically, these questions is no easy responsibility plays! However, the free children’s game may have different positive and / or negative impacts on the physical and mental status of the child and to model its development and maturation. This is especially true in the musculoskeletal system.

In our environment, in many cases crucial aspect of the decision what the child will be to train organizational (proximity and availability of the offered content), financial (acceptable price) or family (offer appropriate activities for parents at the same time). If a situation arises that the child wants an activity which requires more efforts in this regard, before parents can impose a dilemma what to do.

In this regard, in deciding there are certain guidelines that is convenient to bear in mind:


  • It is necessary that the child offered physical activity, recreation or training before. To increase the chance of it, except a stimulating influence of parental persuasion, it is good that the child’s constitution is appropriate for the selected activity. For example, people with hipermobilnom kostitucijom should carefully choose a sport or recreational activity.
  • Certain types of activities may have accentuated the positive (stimulating or preventive) effect on the proper development of the musculoskeletal system in children, and this in different ways: through the substrate characteristics (soft mattress), types of movement (running, jumping, tumbling), social contact (individual, group or team sports), form and use of equipment (balls, reconciliation …), and more.
  • Some activities to a greater extent depend on the seasons (indoor or outdoor activities), or the more or less seasonal.
  • Initial success or disappointment should not be crucial, for the first positive effects of the most commonly required several months of regular exercise of physical activity.

In any case, it is helpful to consult with a specialist (trainer, instructor, and in case of need and your physician) over which the activity of the case, and when it is convenient to do. For the purpose of precise counseling are available and different motor tests that can detect hitherto undetected physical characteristics, conditions of successful training.

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