If you decide to edit your home with flowers, it is yet to znet some information and to observe certain facts. When the time comes to choose a plant that you want, make sure first of all that the conditions necessary for those flowers and that you can to meet them. Means nothing if in a few 1days, because the flower you over with its looks, the latter fails the rim something does not fit.

101-red-buket            When decorating the home with flowers in question, it is necessary to keep an eye on whether it agrees ii flowers from which the family, and then make sure you do not overdo it because too many flowers in one place, will look every way, but certainly not good because it will be cluttered and messy. The plants in our environment act in different ways and this was confirmed by many studies. So give us some plants such as ferns, palms, Dracena (tree of life) or bamboo helps to have cleaner air in the house or apartment.



In every home has a large number of household appliances, and several times during the day, the same used for multiple purposes. Although we know that some of them are harmful to man and still use them, because we can not imagine life today without a vacuum cleaner, microwave, refrigerator, televisio

Just about all of the materials that are found in the air around us is necessary to have, especially those special plants and flowers in the apartment that will allow us to make life healthier, as far as possible. As we know, plants and flowers appear through photosynthesis and purify the air and our environment, whether it is an open or closed space. Thanks to the small holes in the leaves, plants absorb a variety of harmful substances from the air and convert them. Simultaneously release oxygen and water vapor and thus purified air.

NASA confirmed on the basis of his research that ivy Hedera helix has a great potential of processing and absorption of harmful substances. In this regard, useful plants like Ficus benjamina or Clorophytuma. Ficus benjamin is a plant that needs plenty of natural light, but because of the sensitive sheet is not good to be exposed to direct sunlight. When it should be noted that the vessel in which it is planted has good drainage, and should therefore be watered when the soil is dry to the touch works.



The greenery in the park is nice and flat, but many ladies prefer flowers that blossom and if you can a few times during the year. In addition to these plants, the flowers is also very useful for your home and flowers that creates oxygen and clean air are tulips (lat. Tulipa),chrysanthemums, gerberas and orchids, which also have an excellent ability to absorb harmful substances from the air. In addition, these flowers affects the repair of psychological moods because it looks nice and gives a completely different look to the room.

In addition to harmful substances in your home, plants can absorb and neutralize radiation TV or monitor from the computer, so it is wise that in addition to these home devices set Spatyphilum or fern (Nephrolepis). Spatifilum is a plant that does not require a lot compared to what means as much, it is only necessary that the regular watering, and once a month in the water you can put and liquid fertilizer. It does not require a lot of light and is not recommended to be exposed to direct sunlight.


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