Finally, quite simple and effective – exercises that erased the consequences of sitting.

If you go at this time hunched over a laptop, you’re not alone.Calculate how much time you spend in this way, eight hours a day, five days a week! Maybe jeioak better to be skipped computing and take a look at these yoga poses that will help to consequences caused by your spine disappear.

How many times have you heard that “dokuments be”? But like most, did not take it seriously, but you can only correct for a moment. A large number of people who spend most of the day is spent sitting over a computer, there is pain in the upper back and in general are not aware of the extent to which they exercise for posture can help reduce the pain.

Proper posture is important not only because of good looks, it encourages and work metabolozms and boost energy levels. While incorrect posture slows circulation, which can cause even a headache.

To prevent these side effects, start with the practice of these yoga poses that will help for a few weeks.

crow pose

This is a great exercise balance for beginners. Exercise start down in a pose on all fours, and then move your feet to the hands. Transfer the weight of the entire body on your hands and knees on the upper arm lean. This pose you strengthen muscles of the upper arm and wrists.


wild pose

Begin the exercise with uplift on the side, wait for the left hand and begin to raise your right leg over the left. Bend the right knee and then a leg drop to the floor. Rotate the right arm and shoulder in the open position. This pose helps to strengthen the quadriceps, strengthening the shoulders and upper back.


Sublime fighter

Exercise start pose in a wide step with the left foot forward. Raise your right hand while you rotate the left shoulder and arm to the back of the right leg. Slightly bent right knee and your left hand reach for the right foot. Right hand bend backwards. This pose is great for the lower back, hips, chest and shoulders.


Spread your legs in a straddle stand, and then bend one leg forward and slowly shift body weight on your front foot. At the same time, lift the other leg in the air and his hand touch the floor. Pause in this position. This pose is great for the joints, shoulders and misc.

reverse dancer

Hold it right in goods straddle stand, start to bend at the hips to the toes. When you bend all the way down the opposite hand grab the opposite leg and start to get up, while the other hand hold in the air. This exercise is great for your hips, shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles.

Most with one in the air

Start pose lying down, and then lift the arms and legs in the bridge. While gently rises, raise one leg in the air. This yoga pose is great for the muscles of the back, hips, shoulders and abdomen.

Jednonoga chaturanga

From pushup position, press your palms on the floor and raise your right knee to the nose. He held out his right leg in the one-legged push-up. Lower the leg to the other and lift his hands as much as possible in the air. This pose is great for triceps, quadriceps and abdominal muscles.


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