That you told your baby, and you need to engage. What most parents neglected, but very important, is that you never speak your child, but to call him as an adult  



The more you turn your child into the conversation will quickly learn to speak.Encourage him to witness as much by the family involved in discussions and ask him questions. As with learning a new foreign language, the more your child will be hailed as quickly and learn. Speech therapist Vanja Nikolic reveals some of the tricks that will improve your little speech.

– Imitate the sounds your baby as soon after the first, and the babble of syllables babies begin to babble and repeat the different syllables, it sounds like a special language moron. When speaking baby sits parents, they are more and more frequently talking about. When talking with your child, use simple words, but from time to time insert a more complex, because the more words a child hears will be more eloquent.Nursery Rhymes are also a good way for your child to learn new words – said our interlocutor.

If your youngster is not much of a talker best way to encourage her to eat more talk throughout the game. Play with him “character letter” or a game in which everyone should be sufficient time to indicate more items. By repeating the name of the subject child’s vocabulary expands. If your child incorrectly pronounces some words and you repeat after him the way it should, but with a smile so that the child does not feel that correction. By constantly correcting perform unnecessary pressure on the child, it is best if you focus on one or two things at the same time that you corrected.

According to Nikolić Vanja what is important and what most parents neglected, is that you never speak your child, but to call him as an adult.

– Around the first year of the child understands simple tasks, such as “here”, “come”, “get”, “go”, and such tasks as often as they should be administered. If any of this is not understood, a parent needs to show him and working with him to do so repeatedly. It is very important to develop a demonstration gestures with speech. When using characters with what you say you’ll discover exactly what your little understood. With two years of a child should have a vocabulary of about 300 words and sentences to build free. Read his books, because what at that time he likes to watch pictures and listen to the story. Download it to imitate animals and to name them. During the third year coming to increase the scope and diversity of vocabulary and then the child knows from 500 to 1,000 words – said Nikolić and warns that it is not desirable that children who still do not speak their mother tongue watching cartoons in another language.


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