When you hear everything this baby survived, it will be clear why so laugh …

Vinje Lauren’s mother from the moment of the birth of his daughter only wanted to see her smile. When her desire realized, that moment was so wonderful, so this mother made memorable for all of us.

Lauren gave birth early. Her baby at birth were only 1 kilo and 700 grams.

In such situations, infants placed in incubators to resume their normal development. During that time, the parents do anything else but to believe that the bodies of the baby will develop normally and that their health will be fine, writes Daily Mail .

Only five days after the early birth, the baby decided to show his mother that never in my life will not surrender and he wanted to live.
The baby smiled, and very convincing, and Mom all noticed a camera and shared the Facebook.This picture immediately became a hit on the internet, and has been shared more than 100,000 times, and has 285,000 likes.

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