Jumper – a piece of clothing, without which we can not get through the fall and winter …




When you do not know what to wear, or you want to feel comfortable, sweater is the right choice. They come in various colors and models, in different colors and designs with a large number … Anyone can find a sweater to his taste, and we present the top models that you will surely love it …


1. Sweater tunic with a belt

Although bulky, comfy sweaters hit of the season and everyone likes to wear them, not exactly everyone and not for every occasion. The solution is a belt to accentuate your waist and thus strukirati whole sweater, making it more feminine. In addition, it will look like a tunic, and if it is not long, it may take as a dress.

2. With bare shoulders6

Clothing pieces with open shoulders (or that reveal the shoulders and collarbone) are this year’s fashion hit. No lady who does not like to wear such clothing and what is best – everyone is standing. This trend is switched on sweaters and winter clothes, because that is what gets cold does not mean you do not need to show a little skin.Warm sweater, which revealed her shoulders is the perfect warm, yet stylish because it shows the most feminine part of the body.

3. The jumper of different materials

Why choose between cotton and artificial fur when you can have both? This is the point of this trend, you have everything at once and you do not have to constantly be Kopke what you wear. Two materials that may not go together (although that’s not exactly true), fit perfectly with the comfort and appearance of sweaters.

4. Sweater with stripes

Although the navy style over for the summer time, you can improve the style and carry it through the fall and winter. Stripes in dark blue color on a white background go well, especially if they are interesting deployed. Also doabr selection and combination of different colors.

5. Retro designs

How to back fashion of the ’70s,’ 80s and ’90s, it does not hurt to find some sweater with such a pattern … Stripes, sleeves in a different color from the central part – all come into consideration when it retro style.

6. The pastel shades on sweaters

Cute pastel colors go nicely with the cold autumn and winter. One unexpected choice of colors for this season, causing a feeling of happiness and joy, and of course, each are beautiful.











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