Why not look fashionable and beautiful, even when temperatures are below zero down?



If there is someone who knows best how to choose the appropriate clothing for the cold months, it certainly Russians.

Several of the most famous models and bloggers talk about it without that clothes can not imagine winter …


1. Government Rosljakova

“The shawl of cashmere is a great investment. You can switch over your shoulders while you are indoors and thus heat and out wear it around your head without you destroy the hair as it would make the hat. “




2. Valentina Zeljaeva

“As a child I wore layered clothing and traditional military boots with fur. My grandmother was knitting sweaters, socks and scarves worn wrapped around the face to protect myself from the cold. Today adore wearing rollers. I think they are very modern, and very warm. ”




3. Daria Strokous

“Find a warm coat or jacket so you do not have to dress many layers of clothing or sweaters 15, whose place is obviously in the spring wardrobe.”



4. Called Gazinskaja

“In Russia it brings a lot of fur, but since I am vegetarian, I do not do that. Instead, carry plenty of knitted garments as well as traditional Russian scarf which can be combined in many ways. ”




5. Anja Ziourova

“I sumptuous fur coats and fur scarf possess and which perfectly fits with that. Zacrvenetite cheeks and smile suit any kind of fur.



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