American Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) announced that the Earth is approaching a strong solar storm that is supposed to atmosphere to arrive at any moment and cause numerous problems.


Solar storm occurs due to the eruption of the swim of the sun’s surface, and visokomagnetiziranite particles – plasma, arriving to Earth at high speed. These storms do and one of the most beautiful phenomena, Aurora Borealis, but can also disrupt okmunikaciskite and navigation devices, damage satellites and even cause power outages.

Namely, if the plasma collide with the Earth, it can cause geomagnetic storms and near the Earth’s poles where the magnetic field is, however.

In otkromvri even President Barack Obama warned of the consequences that these solar storms have on people and their health. Large solar Bruin occur every 150 years, and the last occurred in 1895 and is known as Karingonovo event in British astronomer David Carrington who observed. It was so intense that it disrupted telegraph machines on two continents, and the Northern Lights are seen in Africa, Australia, Latin America and the US.

When today half of weaker solar storm would hit the earth would cause damage of $ 2.6 billion and in the United States.

NASA estimated the chances of such magnitude storm to hit Earth in the period from 2012 to 2022 is 12%.

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