Helio Him player who at 31 is one of six who had escaped from the wreckage of a plane that crashed into mountains near the Colombian city Madeline, while carrying the Brazilian players Chapekoenze the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

With God’s help me here again on the ground strip Chapekoenze said Brazilian footballer Helio Neto, who made the first steps without the aid of crutches, having survived the crash.

In the harrowing crash killed almost all of his team, and net some time been in a coma. When he awoke, he first asked doctors as passed in the final, but they did not have the heart to tell him that almost all his teammates are dead. When his condition is corrected him and told the truth Net was in shock, transferred the local media.

He is currently recovering physically and mentally, and social networks emerged and video of the Brazilian player goes first time without the aid of crutches, after the accident that experienced.

He stopped at on his feet and announced he would return to the field.

-I Think that again I can play. With God’s help, what can I do on the field again in the guise of Chapekoenze he said after the player made the first steps without crutches.


At the crash site, among things scattered a few kilometers in the mountainous country rescue teams found his Bible and that has always carried with him.

Bible was returned to his wife, who at that time still did not know whether Helio will survive. She discovered that her husband on the day of the fatal trip and said that she does him go because he had a bad dream prechuvstvo because the plane would fall.

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