You’ve probably already read about this method, but you must have been skeptical. Now is the time to reassure you and making you finally try this exercise. Believe me, after a month you will not recognize yourself in the mirror!

Plank or board is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the central part of the body. Many people wh o have not tried it probably seems so simple that it is often skipped and this is not exactly an easy exercise will melt more fat than sit-ups, strengthen the depth and external muscles of the back and torso, and strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, arms and legs.

When strap is very important the correct position for practice. When you pick up on his elbows and lean on the toes, the most important is that you upper body is in a straight line. Deep breath and abdominal muscles to give you control the middle part of the fuselage may be lost.

Distribute the weight on his elbows in the legs, with the strain your glutes to further reinforce the balance.

After you learn the correct position only need to beat yourself in the challenge, which lasts 28 days.

Dan 1-20 sekundi
daN 2-20 sekundi
daN 3-30 sekundi
Dan 4-30 sekundi
Dan 5-40 sekundi
Dan 6 – Odmor
Dan 7-45 sekundi
Dan 8-45 sekundi
Dan 9-60 sekundi
Dan 10-60 sekundi
Dan 11-60 sekundi
‘s Dan 12-90 sekundi
‘s Dan 13 – Odmor
‘s Dan 14-90 sekundi
‘s Dan 15-90 sekundi
‘s Dan 16-120 sekundi
‘s Dan 17-120 sekundi
‘s Dan 18-150 sekundi
‘s Dan 19 – Odmor
‘s Dan 20-150 sekundi
‘s Dan 21 – 150 sekundi
‘s Dan 22-180 sekundi
‘s Dan 23-180 sekundi
‘s Dan 24-210 sekundi
‘s Dan 25 – Odmor
‘s Dan 26-210 sekundi
‘s Dan 27-240 sekundi
‘s Dan 28 – izdržite koliko god možete

Plank is a demanding exercise and you will feel more in the first twenty seconds. See the video to be properly carried out this exercise:

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