USA: Melania Trump previously said he would remain in New York to son Barron finished the school year. The media now report that for her to remain in this city, there is another reason …

Melania Trump (47), wife of the US president Donald Trump (71), and still lives in New York and does not want to come to the White House. The media claim to have discovered the real reason.

According to earlier speculation Melania stayed in an apartment in New York for son Barron (11) as he finished the school year and because New York has friends.

But the  Daily Star writes that the real reason Melanijina stay in New York her sister Ines Knauss (48).

Ines and Melania are very close and the Daily Star says that Melanie believes only her. Ines reportedly lives nearby Trumpovog tower where they live Melania and Barron.

Trump reportedly badly wants his wife to come to Washington and it was pointed out several times. But as she and Barron Trump in New York at the White House the most help his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

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