• Minister made claim at National Farmers’ Union conference in Birmingham
  • But he was attacked by farmers who said British workers are too idle
  • NFU president: Government is attempting a ‘social engineering experiment’

Jobless Britons should be made to pick fruit on farms or face having their benefits taken away, the Farming Minister said yesterday.

George Eustice insisted there would be no replacement for the Seasonal Agricultural Workers scheme that provided 22,000 foreigners a year with temporary permits to enter Britain to harvest crops. It was scrapped in September.

Instead, local unemployed people should be recruited to do the work, he said.

British jobs: George Eustice was criticised for telling farmers British workers should take priority

But the proposal has sparked fury among farmers –  who say British jobseekers have a ‘work ethic problem’ which means people simply refuse to do hard manual labour.

The farmers insisted yesterday that reliable foreign workers are vital for the industry and that foreign migrant labour has fulfilled their needs for generations.

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