The life of the Russian president was marked by a lot of events, but he was only two things so enraged that is due to them that Russia decided to return to the place where she belongs in the world.


Two weeks ago, the American CNN shows the documentary “The most powerful man in the world” on Russian President Vladimir Putin . Film journalists of this media fared Zechariah attracted a lot of attention, and on Sunday the people of Europe be able to look at their’s international channel.
The documentary is the pre show attracted a lot of attention and controversy, but what sets it apart from the others, in which the main character interpreted by Russian President, is that the other side given the opportunity to respond to the allegations set forth in the same. However, it was not Putin, because he refused to talk to Zechariah. He was represented by a spokesman for the Russian president and the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.

In the documentary are treated all topics, from the time when Putin worked for the KGB in Germany to last year’s election of Donald Trump for President of the United States and Russia’s alleged involvement in the election. And of course, the events that took place between and helped Putin to become the most powerful man in the world.


The film begins with the memory of “cold December night Dresden” in 1989, and the December 5, was taken as a day that changed the course of Putin’s life. The Berlin Wall had fallen, and the mass of people gathered outside the offices of the KGB in the East German city. Desperately he then called Moscow  and after a few times he got the answer that the Kremlin about has nothing to say.

Putin then, I burned in the basement of a secret document KGB while demonstrations in the streets grew in intensity. He decided to get out in front of staff, to deal with the mass of people, I again. Then the crowd said they were there soldiers and to shoot at them. This move and bluff succeeded, and according to the authors of the documentary, Putin then realized that fear actually can not manage people, and that day in Dresden will follow him to this day.

This obsession with control over the people, according to CNN, is seen at his inauguration when one of the greatest capitals of the world was without form, so that he could move freely. Also mentioned is the perfect “performance” of the television transmission, in which everything is planned to the last detail. The transfer could be seen arresting opposition to street  Moscow, according to the interlocutors in the documentary, most Russians see and believe television.


When he returned from Dresden, Putin was deeply disappointed by what he saw in his country which he loved very much. The authors note that the disintegration of the USSR, the Russian Empire, what she felt humiliated. Very humiliated. 300 years of history was to be obliterated. Country which was once knew was no longer the same, people are looking for democracy demonstrating in the streets, others were seeking independence, Americanization was at every turn, and the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin his performances and attitude towards the country embarrassing is already degraded state. Then Putin realized that what terrifies him and he most afraid of are people whose conscience is awakening and coming out on the streets to do the show.

The authors again mentioned as one of the most important events in the life of Putin’s breakup of the Soviet Union for which he said it was “the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century” . The documentary further mentioned that the return to the country decided to become a politician, and his first job in office he was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. Then he already looked to Moscow, knowing that the nation needed a strong leader.


Putin first became prime minister, but later dropped the agreement by which President Yeltsin would not have gone to jail for corruption, in exchange that he becomes the president. So it was. He became president, and despite the fact that he was adored by his people who saw in him a true leader, he was initially loved even Americans. At a charity dinner while he was in the United States, applauded his Hollywood star while singing on stage. George W. Bush was also fascinated him.

Another thing that is significantly influenced Putin, in addition to the dissolution of the USSR, was and Hillary Clinton. According to interlocutors, he most hates Hillary Clinton. Tensions between the two of them have grown, and it all started in 2008 when Hillary was in the race for the party’s presidential candidate, which he lost to Obama, when the Putin spoke as “a man without a soul.” Such rhetoric continued in the coming years.

But the strongest blow dealt to him in 2011, when it began the Arab Spring. Protests have “arrived” in Moscow and were the largest since the collapse of the USSR. This is for him, according to CNN, was a nightmare. People who rebel against him and take to the streets. Hillary Clinton then sided with the protesters, but it was angry that she spoke to understand the Russian people. He became enraged. And she never forgot.

Hacket  mails Staff Headquarters Clinton in the race for President of the United States , which is then published by WikiLeaks, contributed to the victory of Donald Trump who during the campaign always positively spoke about Russia and its President. This was revenge Putin Clinton, and a reminder that you should never interfere in his job and his country.

Victory Trump celebrated in Russia, on national television, in the streets, in the media generally. Putin, according to the authors and acknowledged, not directly, that there was a hacking by Russia, when during an interview, said that only those “believed that Trump can win.”

The documentary mentions the murder of Putin’s opponents during his rule: opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, journalist Anna Politkovskaya and former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. Next, a former investor in Russia and critic of Russian President believes that he is the richest man in the world. Even richer than Bill Gates. And all thanks to corruption.

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