Eastern traditional medicine has an extremely interesting interpretation of the health of a person just by the color of his lips. Look in the mirror and find out what your body tells you.

Lips should naturally have to temnorozova pink color with all other shades speak of certain symptoms in the body.

light pink

If lips are pale, almost skin color, it is a sign number one anemichnost. In that case, your body probably lacks red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Intense red

If lips have a very intense red color than that which is common to the lips, it means that the body is heated too much and that the liver work “overtime”. The liver is the “quiet authority,” so do not wait to get to something like that, but now examine whether everything is fine with him.


It is not uncommon for both a healthy person lips occasionally have exactly this color during the winter days, but if you always look so, it indicates problems with the heart and lungs.

of dark purple

When the lips have this color, it means that something is wrong with the digestive system, so the council in that case is to stop junk food.

edges of dark purple

If only the edges of the lips in this color, it means that your body there is an imbalance of jinot and yang, so can you happen some point you cold, then immediately gets hot. In that case, better rest up, eat quality.

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