Video published on YouTube is seen as a fraud, because the narrator mentions the influence of Jesus Christ and God’s calling, as a large part of Internet users sounds like a bad joke

New shocking announcement saying that the asteroid hit the Earth in late June, precisely on 23, in Puerto Rico . YouTube has released a video in which it claims that the authorities are aware of asteroid strikes, but still silent. The narrator in the video says it is on NASA’s website revealed a large asteroid will hit the Earth and cause a huge tsunami wave across the Atlantic Ocean, which will kill millions of people worldwide.

– This is not no joke, this will happen in June. The authorities expect that millions of people die and that there is the possibility of a huge shortage of food and medical supplies over the next 15 months. The asteroid will be June 23 in the morning to hit the sea area east of Puerto Rico, and the strength will be in the rank of an unprecedented earthquake with a magnitude of 12,  says in the video.

However, video is seen as a fraud , because the narrator mentions theinfluence of Jesus Christ and God’s calling , as a large part of Internet users sounds like a sick joke.

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