The last will and testament of Adolf Hitler ended on April 29 after midnight.The two documents, his private and political will, the Führer gave them dictated to his secretary, Traudil Junge, and would then decided to marry his mistress Eva Braun, who was in a relationship without interruption since 1932’s.

This is the political testament of Adolf Hitler, you are publishing in full:

My political testament
passed 30 years since 1914, when I made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the First World War, which led the Reich.

In these three decades, love and loyalty to my people have guided my thoughts, actions and my life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions ever made before mortal. In these three decades spent all his strength and health.

It is not true that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It wanted and provoked solely international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests. I gave her too many offers for control and limitation of armaments, which posterity can not always be able to ignore this responsibility for the outbreak of war to be on my back. Nor I wanted after fatal WWI follow second against England or against America. Centuries will pass away, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred against those who are responsible will always grow anew, against the people who is guilty and who we can thank for all this: the Jews and their followers.

Just three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish war I again proposed his solution to this problem, the British Ambassador in Berlin – international control as in the case in Sar. This offer also can not be denied. It was only rejected because the ruling circles in English politics wanted the war, for commercial reasons and business development, and partly due to the influence of propaganda organized by international Jews.

Also said very clearly that if the peoples of Europe once again be forced to divide and to see how the shares can be bought and sold by these international conspirators in money and finance, then the sole responsibility for the massacre which will monitors will have to be prescribed for the real criminals: the Jews. Furthermore, I made it clear to all, that I have no doubt that this time not only millions of children Aryan race will starve, and not only hundreds of thousands of women and children will be burned and bombed to death in our cities, it are going to take place without being judged on the real culprits, even if you and humanely.
After six years of war, which despite all the failures will one day go down in history as the most famous and heroic manifestation of the struggle for survival of the people, I can not leave the city that is the capital of the Reich. As our forces weakened and already too weak to stop the attack of the enemy and our resistance gradually weakens because the creatures are as blind as you have no character, I would like to share my fate with those of millions of others who chose to stay in this city. But I will not fall into the hands of the enemy who requires a new spectacle, managed by Jews for personal amusement of their hysterical masses.
Therefore I decided to stay in Berlin and voluntarily choose death when he will establish the position of leader and Chancellor can no longer hold. I die with joy in his heart, aware of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers at the front, our women at home, the achievements of our farmers and workers, unique in the history of our youth which bears my name.
As from the bottom of my heart, I express my gratitude to you all so obvious is my wish that you in no way should quit the fight, but to continue to lead the enemies of the homeland, regardless which is your homeland.
The sacrifice of our soldiers and my relationship with them to death, will sprout German history, the seeds of glittering renaissance of the National Socialist movement and thus the realization of the true community of nations.
Many of the bravest men and women have decided to unite their lives with my to the last, and I begged and finally ordered them not to do this, but to take part in ponatamogjnata fight for the nation. I asked the heads of the army, navy and air force to strengthen by all possible means the spirit of resistance of our soldiers in the National Socialist sense, with special emphasis on the fact that I myself, as founder and creator of this movement, chose death rather than cowardly abdication or even capitulation.
At some future time, it will become part of the code of honor of the German officer – as is already the code of honor in the navy – that handing the county or city is impossible and that, above all the leaders here must march ahead as shining examples, faithfully fulfilling their duty unto death.
The second part of the political testament
Before my death I expel the former Rajhmarshal Hermann Goering from the party and dismissed all government functions and also by virtue of my statement in the Reichstag on September 1st 1939. I appoint in his place Grossadmiral Doenitz , president of the Reich and supreme commander of the armed forces. Before my death I expel the former Rajhmarshal – SS and Minister of the Interior Heinrich Himmler from the party and dismissed all government functions and in his place I appoint Karl Hanke as Rajhmarshal SS and Head of the German Police, Paul Giesler as Minister of the Interior.
Apart from their disloyalty to me, Göring and Himmler inflicted irreparable damage to the entire nation of secret negotiating with my enemy without my knowledge and against my will, and also tried to assume more power for themselves.
In order to acquire the German people with a government of honorable men who will fulfill tasks for the coming war, I, as leader of the nation, appoint the following members of the new government (a list of 18 names).
All these men, including Martin Bormann, Dr. Goebbels and others together with their wives, they joined his own free will, without wishing to leave the capital under what charges circumstances and prepared to die with me, but I had to ask them to listen to my requests, they put interests of the nation before his own feelings.
After their work and socializing lojalnoto they will stay close to me after death, as I hope my spirit will continue to exist forever among them. Let them be severe but never unjust, and most of all, never let fear affect your deeds and actions, the honor of the nation shall be a particular world. Finally, let them let them be aware that our task of continuing the construction of the National Socialist state, represents the work of the coming centuries, that each man sets an obligation always to serve the common interests and to subordinate his own benefit this goal. I ask of all Germans, of all National Socialists, of all men, women and all the men in the armed forces to be faithful and obedient unto death to the new government and its president.
And above all charged the leaders of the nation and those under them carefully and correctly follow the laws of race and to merciless opposition to the universal poison all nations – international Jewry.
Berlin, April 29, 1945, 4:00 am


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