When Peter Carwell published a recipe and prepared a fantastic drink for weight loss in Jutube, everyone was crazy for him.

It’s a recipe he received from a famous British homeopath, and it’s no wonder that nearly two million people looked at him in a short time, and here’s why. Namely, if you are not a vegetarian, natural juices are a great way to bring nutrients into your body.

But if you still combine the right foods, you will get a powerful drink that melts fatty deposits from your stomach and cleans the body from accumulated toxins. So hurry up in the procurement of foods and prepare this great beverage


1 big beans,
2-3 fresh carrots
4-5 celery celery,
1 finger of fresh spinach
1 apple,
1 fresh cucumber,
2 radishes,
1 root of fresh fertilizer (1 cm in size) and
1 lemon.

Pour the cleaned vegetables and apple into the juicer and drink. Juice is best consumed in the morning, and from these foods you will get about 500 ml of juice. Those who have tried this beverage say they are so nutritious, that they can replace the multivitamin tablet and even breakfast.

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