There are no words to describe this monstrous move by one mother!

Where is this world going, when the time has come for one parent to torture his child in a terrible way and even move the pictures to his profile, which clearly shows how a child eats from a vessel, on the floor of a four-legged one, as if it were not a human being!

The situation is more than sick and judging by the comet, the mother was thrilled! Namely, Filipini of Manila tied her one-year-old son to a leash and forced him to act like her pet, and eat food from the bowl of the bowl …

It’s even ugly for this person to talk to MYHA because she did not even deserve it! In the comment, the “mother” wrote: “Meet my new dog. The child is really crazy and everything works for me to tell him, it makes me laugh a lot.”

These shocking photos have come and gone around the whole world and the authorities in the Philippines currently determine the identity of the woman concerned to solve this monstrous act ..

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