Allegedly committed suicide, but no evidence suggests.

Republican and enthusiastic Peter W. Smith (81), who led the internal investigation related to 33,000 emails to Hillary Clinton, who in turn, former candidate for US president, a Democrat, removed from his personal computer, committed suicide at the hotel in Rochester Minnesota.

Specifically njaden dead in a hotel room, and everything else leads to the conclusion that it was a murder that is performed to look like suicide.

According to the “Chicago Tribune”, police in his room found documents, among them predsmrtna message allegedly written for his health and for drying up the source of the money for his treatment and his policy, which was once the “difficult” even five million.

The actual murder happened ten days after Smith gave an interview list of “Wall Street Journal”, in which he claimed to have files of Hillary Clinton, who have provided hackers.

And he discovered he was convinced of its authenticity, so posovvetuval be followed WikiLeaks.

He added that the file of Clinton, he was offered five hacker groups, two of which were Russian, but did not offer any evidence.

Chicago Tribune, otherwise said Smith lived in the hotel where stayed and clients of the clinic, “Mayo”.

One of his former co-worker said he was suffering from heart and to be healed in clinic. A clinic is not confirmed that Smith was their client.

They called proton “medical confidentiality”.

Day before his death, Smith published two articles on his blog. Neither does it indicate round suicide.

In one contested the claim of the US secret services, that Russia is involved in American elections, and one percent, that “Russian interference” will go into the background after public attention will now turn to larger issues of foreign policy.

Wall Street Journal wrote that Smith could be a link between hackers and former adviser to Trump National Security Michael Flynn.

So Flynn could be connected with the search of the destruction of e-mail Hillary Clinton.

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