Many things oktivaju our properties, even though we are not aware of, and tea in the position in which we sleep. Find out what the position in which you sleep talk about your personality!

Slobodan pad
If you sleep on your stomach with your hands tucked under his pillow, then happiness social and open person. However, in some situations you are too sensitive.

2. Healer

People who hugging pillow while sleeping have confidence in the other. Sometimes you are too open.
These people are most reliable kind of friends.

3. Board

These people are quiet and reserved. They have a high opinion of yourself, as well. Do not be afraid to risk ..

4. People who sleep on their side

People who sleep on their side
These people believe a lot of people, sometimes too much.

5. Those who crash

Those who snore
If you snore then you probably irritable. Maybe it’s because you have not slept well. People who snore tend to sleep less.

6. The position of the fetus

The position of the fetus

Women who sleep in this position are constantly worried and seeking solace.

7. Sleep on the stomach

Sleeping on your stomach

If you sleep in this position, it means that you do not want to deal with relanošću and you’re very insecure.

8. Position of the sea star

Position starfish

You live the way you want, not how social norms imposed. Radiate confidence and confidence.

9. The position of prayer

The position of prayer

Women who sleep in this position tend to realize their dreams and are ready to do everything to achieve them.

10. Half-fetus position

Semi-fetus position

These women are very social and love socializing. They do not like conflicts and are excellent in making compromises.
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