If you have ever questioned your relationship with a partner, pay attention to a few details that will reveal whether the link is really “blooming roses.”


People quickly get used to everything and everything. Therefore, they do not notice how actually they are genuinely in the relationship – because they are already accustomed.

However, the right time is to divert attention to the small, but important things, which, though inconspicuously, still very plausibly show that you enjoy the perfect love story.


And the five signs that you are in the best relationship so far are:

1. No longer pulling your stomach

We all know the situations when you make the most effort to look kindly in the eyes of the opposite sex. In every position and at any moment. And, in doing so, you do not show exactly exactly what you are, nor are you really. When your partner you can be “100% their own” (in boxers, with straggly hair or crumbs chips in bra and stomach), and he believes that with on us yet – or just at that moment – you are amazing , you won the jackpot!


2. You can enjoy yourself and this is not a problem

Are you able to relax on your own at home, make a “tour” with your girlfriends through city cafes and clubs, or go somewhere for a weekend with your best friend? In doing so, your partner does not care what you enjoy in freedom , and neither do you, when you express your desire? For this, most couples can only dream.

3. The partner encourages you to act that is good for you

Having someone who will tell you: ” Come on, you can!” Or ” Sure you will succeed! “Is invaluable. And, besides having a person who helps you to overcome any fears, encourages you to do positive things and generally gives you great support in your life , it is the best thing that can happen to you in the relationship.


4. You better understand – every day and in every way

Each new day reveals how much you actually have common things that unite and connect, and hour by hour, minute by minute – get up with on us better and better team . Of course, a quality relationship requires a lot of effort, but it is obvious to you that it is fruitful.

5. Not only your love life flourished …

When you live with a loved one for a certain amount of time – and she motivates you, helps you grow, progress, gives you support on all fronts and fills you up, it will prove to be good in all other fields of life . You will flourish at work, in the relationship with your loved ones, but also towards yourself.

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