“The traces come from some sort of pear Sapiens, probably the late Homo Erectus or Homo Heidelbergs,” concluded the scientists. Slowing to one side, the volcano Rocamontin in northern Italy, discovered a series of feet that act as human, For centuries it has been considered as a devil’s impression because it occurred during the eruption of the volcano. And who, besides him, could go into a liquid lava, not to light his feet?From the discovered ancient traces at the end of the 18th century, locals assumed that it was a devil’s act and that the demon came out of hell through the volcano crater and joined the people on Earth. That theory was held until recently – by 2002, when two amateur archaeologists again drew the attention of the world public to those mysterious traces.

The place with these impressions is located between the village of Tuoro / Forest and Picilli in Italy and consists of three sets of fossilized fingerprints and several scattered fingerprints, writes Ennsijent oridzins.

Only after being examined by the researchers at the University of Padua found that they definitely have human origin. In addition, it has been confirmed that they were created sometime 385 and 325 thousand years ago. The impressions of ancient people are rarely so well preserved in an open environment, and experts believe that these traces are preserved thanks to the volcano, or the lava that passed through them. It typically consists of ash, flame and fragmented stones, and then they were covered with volcanic ash.

This was their protective layer that saved them, and traces were discovered only after eroding erosion in the early 18th century. One of the interesting features of the devil’s impressions is the occasional traces of the hands found on the volcano. It suggests that those traces were made by hominids who walked upright, but they needed something to lean down the steep mountain.

The first set of tracks, consisting of 27 footprints, shapes the letter Z, which suggests that the one who walked adopted the technique of shifting the foot to the foot as he descended the hill. The second and third set of tracks, consisting of 19 and 10 leg legs, go through the slope in a relatively flat line. All traces disappear as a consequence of going, not sweating.

Scientists believe that those who left behind these traces were completely bipedal, that is, they were hominids that went on two feet, meaning that their hands were needed to rely on it to have a balance.

The traces are about 20 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide. The average step is about 1.2 meters, while the average distance between the two feet is about 0.6 meters. On the basis of this information, experts believe that those who made them were about 1.5 meters tall.

We may never find out what the people did on the volcano, but given all the traces leading to the same place, and that’s beyond the volcano’s crater, it’s widely accepted that they have descended through it to escape from the eruption.

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