Once a man begins to identify you with great fun and interesting gathering, it will be easier for you to tie up for you.

A man who knows that you have a lot of work and every moment with him means you have to compete with your other tasks, he will appreciate your appreciation. If you inject a little mystery into the game, you will break down all the ramparts around him and fall in love.

Tying a man for himself may sound like a manipulation that deprives him of freedom, but here it is still a figurative tie. If you’ve been with a man for some time who is not sure if he was in touch or not, some of these maneuvers will make things easier for you and make him understand why it’s really great to be your boyfriend:

1. Be sure to be relaxed and fun

Once a man begins to identify you with great fun and interesting gathering, it will be easier for you to tie up for you. Always be fun, relaxed, and bring something new to your relationship, and then when both of you stop worrying about the status of your relationship and have a good time, there is little chance that you will be at all dissimilar.

2. Show that you have a spine and defend your attitudes

A man who ignores you, flirts with other women, and is not good to you, maybe just try it as long as he can go with that behavior. If you react to such behavior sharply and let him know that you should not be treated like that, it will surely improve, and if you let him continue, he will never respect you ..

Unsuitable behaviors in the beginning, and once you see that you are someone around whom you still have to make an effort, they want to win you and be good to you.

3. Do not give it to him

This may sound like a tip that Grandma would give you, but if a man likes you and you want something more than physical love from him, the first step is to deny it.

We do not say that you need to play a virgin and be in the celibate for the first 6 months of the relationship, but make it clear that you are not a girl who sleeps with everyone, and that it is a privilege and not a right.

Once he realizes that physical love with you is a thing that must be earned and which makes him special, he wants to become just yours as soon as possible.

4. Hang out with other men

Your male friends are like you brothers, but that does not mean that your man will not be jealous when you go to blaze with them.

Men deeply believe that there is no male-female friendship because they know that most of their fellows look at each other in a sexual way, and this can help you.

Each time you hear that you are going to find yourself with your super-successful, handsome, single friend, it will work out a male instinct that will bind you alone, and eliminate other potential men in your burning love life.

5. Be “busy” and be a bit mystical

A man who knows that you have a lot of work and that every moment he does with you means that he must compete with your other obligations, he will appreciate you. Even if you’re not overly busy, you always leave the impression that it just interrupted you in something important.

Of course, he immediately tells him that he is important enough for you to put aside a job for a while, and that will appeal to him.

Do not tell him every day of his experience and do not allow him to be fully informed about your habits, commitments and hobbies in a very short time, leaving a bit of a mystery to spin out relationships.

It’s perfectly normal for an adult girl to have “her business”, friends and relatives, and there is no one to wonder where you are and what you are doing … But she wants to know, be sure of it …

This in it can only stimulate interest and desire to get to know you better, especially to earn the time you spend with him. Any other reaction in the form of possessiveness or jealousy can also be good for you and serve you as a signal that you may have a deal with a fool …

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