This is not a joke, he really existed.

Meet Li Ching Yuan, a man who has lived for a staggering 256 years, something that the New York Times himself has confirmed.

Evidence of the longevity of this man is found on the pages of the aforementioned newspaper, according to which Professor Chengd of Wu Chung Chihi University found evidence that the Chinese Tsarist Government in 1827 congratulated him on the 150th birthday of Li Ching Yuan, and then the same document in 1877, when it was found again, it is said that he is congratulated 200th birthday and where many of his fellow citizens testify to his longevity.

According to their testimony, found in the archives of the Chinese government and media, Li Ching Yuan began her career as a herbalist when he was only 10 years old. He collected and studied herbs for longevity and potency and applied their benefits to herself. For 40 years, he survived on herbs such as linges, lizards, wild jinsen, goth cola and many others, and at the same time regularly drinking wine.

In his 71st year, more precisely in 1749, he joined the Chinese army where he taught martial arts. He was married 23 times and had over 200 children.

He learned to read and write in the age of 10 when he embarked on the journey through Kans, Shansi, Tibet, Anama, Siam and Manchuria, collecting and studying the herbs. The first 100 years have worked this way, and then move on to selling herbs that others have collected, writes

According to one of his descendants, there was even another elderly man who lived as long as 500 years, and who Lee learned about the techniques of Qi Qung used in Chinese medicine and coordinate various patterns of breathing with various physical attitudes and movements of body.

Lee declared only one on his deathbed.

“I did everything I could for this world.”

This sentence led many to ask themselves what this incredibly long-lasting man wanted to say. Are all the secrets of longevity found in nature and in ourselves.

When asked about his recipe for longevity, he declared:

“Let your heart be calm, sit calmly like a turtle, go upright like a penguin, and sleep like a dog.

Whether this meant precisely to maintaining peace and balance in the mind, the regular exercise of breathing techniques and the use of herbs that make our body healthier and more resilient.

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