Ideally, when you fall in love, you will definitely want to spend a lot of time enjoying kisses with a loved one. Kissing is something natural and innate to all of us. We can read thousands of tips on how to become kissing masters, but the key is first of all to let go and pay attention to the partner, in order to enjoy equally. However, there are some things that we should never do when we are in love and who can refuse the beloved person from you, no matter how attractive you are.

1. Too many languages

Too many languages
Surely there is nothing bad in the game languages, but you should not start your tongue first when kissing a partner and that it is the first thing that comes into contact when he comes to your face.

2. Too much saliva

Too much spit
Although you can not control the amount of saliva that is produced in your mouth, you can certainly take into account how much your spontaneous partner will come into contact. Too much saliva on the face and lips can only take away a loved one from you. Kiss her, do not drown her!

3. Hurry too much

Rush too
But as long as your feelings and wishes are strong, refrain yourself. You do not want to frighten your partner with sudden and over-attacking passions of passion? A gentle kiss is much better to begin with.

4. You are not present

You are not present
While some might enjoy kissing for hours, for some it is a less important thing and just an introduction for further events in the bedroom. Of course, this is not necessarily bad, but if you do not enjoy these moments and just think about what’s next, you do not do something right.

5. Make too much noise

Do too much noise
Of course you do not have to refrain from occasional sighs of enjoyment, but no one wants to kiss someone who sounds like he has come out of adult movies. If you do it just because you’ve seen it on television, please be silent, please.

6. Keep your eyes open all the time

Keep your eyes open all the time
There is really no reason to keep your eyes open all the time while you are kissing, because it’s really not pleasant at all, it’s even creepy. There is nothing wrong with occasionally looking at your partner, but if you want to watch it without interruption, keep it for moments when your faces are not popular with each other.

7. Love only your lips

Just love your lips
Of course the kiss in the lips is one of the coolest ways to show love, but not the only one. Equally exciting are kisses in the neck, cheeks, forehead. Combine, you will become confident about how much it will increase your enjoyment.

8. Too many bites

Too many bites
Although a mild bite can be very exciting, make sure you do not overdo it. You do not want to ruin everything because of pain or even blood?

9. Do not allow your partner to breathe

You do not allow your partner to breathe
Of course, it’s not easy to control passion, but surely you have to take care not to quench the partner. It is perfectly natural and normal to make a short break to reach the air.

10. You forget about your hands

Forget about your hands
Although in kissing everything is mostly around lips, this does not mean that you should just forget your hands and hold them in one place. Feel the face of your partner or pass her fingers through your hair, we guarantee that the enjoyment will be much greater.
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