From time to time, there are stories that give us the faith that miracles are happening! This is one of them …

Australian Kate Ogg and her husband, Dave, were eagerly awaiting the birth of their twins. She had to give birth on Sunday afternoon when she received the terrible news.

The little girl Ellie cried after her birth, while little Jamie after 20 minutes of resuscitation was declared dead.
Lying for 2 hours with a dead baby

The happiness of the birth has turned into a nightmare. While Kate tried to understand what the doctor had told him, she held her son’s lifeless body in a embrace. All the time they hoped to cry, but the doctors assured them that the baby had died.
2 hours lying with a dead baby 1

The medical staff left the room, and the mother and father embraced the baby’s cold body and lay in bed with him. They lay so full for two hours, not separating the view from their child.

They wanted to warm it up with their bodies not believing that it was really no longer alive.
2 hours lying with a dead baby 2

Shortly there were spasms in his body, but doctors said that it was normal and that the occurrence of late reflexes of the dead body was possible.

This couple for years tried to get children and could not reconcile that Jamie was dead.

However, something unthinkable happened then! After two hours of contact with the mother and father skin, the boy began to breathe again! Kate could not believe it and thought it was too good to be true – the doctors were shocked!
2 hours lying with a dead baby 3

Jamie is alive!

Happy Dave, Dave, said: “Fortunately, I have a very brave woman who listens to her instincts – just because of her, Jamie is with us now!”
2 hours lying with a dead baby 4


After a few days at the hospital, the two babies with their parents left the hospital and went home.
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