Castors of almost three meters high were discovered in the Amazon region, near Ecuador on the border with Peru. Now a group of researchers from Germany are examining and studying ancient remains in the hope of resolving the secret behind them, says the British anthropologist Russell Dement.

According to, as early as 2015, team experts have discovered dozens of mysterious skeletons believed to date from the period between 1400 and 1500 years. These “abnormal” skeletons are up to three meters high.

“We are still in the early stages of our research, and I am the only one who can talk about the details of what we have discovered. I do not want claims to be based on speculation in parallel with our research. Given the size of the skeleton, this research entails both medical and anthropological implications, “Dement said.

At the end of 2014, Demente came to information from locals in the region revealing a whimsical and great bonfire, located about 100km from the town of Cuenca in the state of Ecuador.

Dement traveled to the scene and discovered the ribs and skulls of women who had emerged from the floods in that area. Bone research shows that it dates back about 600 years ago.

Further research, however, showed that their skeletal height was 2.23 meters. The other skeletons were even three meters high.

Because of the sensational nature of these news, we must be persistent in our research because it will be filled with a great deal of skepticism, he says.

Dement surprised by this discovery has decided to set up a research team involving scientists and experts from Fry University in Germany.

Dement and his team received full support from the locals and for the time being are doing excellent research on the secretive bones.

“While I worked with them for many years, I was concerned that they would not want to give full support to the research of these gigantic skeletons,” he says.

According to experts, skeletons did not have any distortions, which means that these “big” creatures were relatively healthy.

The skeletons do not show signs of disease, such as hormonal growth problems, which are common in most cases in today’s gigantisms. On all skeletons the joints are healthy, and the lung cavities seem quite large.

One of the skeletons was a woman about 60 years old at the time she died. She was much older than the typical ganttism cases, says Cuenca Highlife.

Diment has already studied the natives of Amazon and legends have been heard that speak of “very high-flying pale people living in the region.” The elders of the natives described them as giants, such as “a race of great, peaceful Amazines, who were pleasantly welcomed by the locals.

This story that revolves around social networks is pretty much commented on. Some people do not believe in it.

Who believes, believes, and they are a closed mind do not want us to think about some things that subconscious and science have long recognized that they do not exist.

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