As I waited for a friend to arrive at the airport, I had an unforgettable experience that changed me and happened on a scale from my legs.

Waiting so as to see my friend among all passengers, I noticed how a man came to me with two lighter suitcases. He stood next to me to greet his family.

At first, he turned to his youngest son (he could be 6 years old) as he left his suitcases. They exchanged a long belly hug. As they parted they began to look in the face, I heard my dad saying to him: It’s nice to see you son, I missed a lot. Sin looked at him very nicely and gently answered him: “And you daddy me.”

Then the father stopped and looked in the eyes of his elder son (maybe 9-10 years old), holding his hand, said, “You became a real young man, I love you very much, Zack,” and warmly hugged both of them.

While this was happening, the little girl (maybe one or a half and a half years old) fetched into the mother’s hand and excited by the sight of the father who returned. The father said: “Hello, doll is small, and takes the girl from her mother’s hands. He began kissing her on the face and everywhere and holding her close to his breasts. The girl calmed down in his hands and puffed his head on his shoulders, enjoying his embrace.

After a few moments, he gave his daughter to his eldest son and said: “I kept the best for the end.” And he gave his wife the longest and passionate kiss I had ever seen. She looked into her eyes and said ” I love you very much, “they looked in their eyes for a few seconds and held their hands.

For a moment they reminded me of babes, but by the age of the children I knew they were not. So thinking, I did not think that it was not convenient to look at them and it became inconvenient, so I was surprised to ask them suddenly: Wow, how much time are you in marriage? ”

“We are together for 14 years, and we are married for 12 years.” He replied without stopping in the face of the woman. “How long have you been separated?” The man finally turned to look at me and replied with the same smile: “A whole two days ”

Two days? I was flattered. After the greeting, you were more embarrassed to have been absent for weeks or months. I knew that the look would betray me.

I decided to answer him to finish my sudden attack and continue looking for my friend: “I hope my marriage will be so passionate and beautiful after 12 years.”

The man stopped laughing, looked me in the eyes with some force that kindled my soul and gave me an answer that left me unchanged: “Do not hope, my friend … act.”

Then she smiled again, shook her hand and said: “God bless you.

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