Why in Italy, as a roaring country, there has not yet been a single deadly attack by jihadists?

An increasing number of European countries have already targeted attacks: Britain, France, Germany and Spain, although fewer illegal immigrants have been registered in these countries. For example, in the first half of 2017, only 82 percent of illegal immigrants entered Italy alone, from the total number of illegal immigrants who entered Europe.

The most interesting explanation is the one that argues that Italy is an exception because the Italian mafia managed to prevent jihadists from grouping and organizing attacks. This thesis was based on one case.

“We have noticed that Italian mobsters have greater control over the southern part of the country, and most Muslims live in the north of the country, and even there they have not formed their own ghettos or live in already existing ones,” said Arturo Varveli of the International Faculty of Political Science in Milan.

“In part, it must be under the control of the mafia,” the local police commander agreed, but added that the police have a great role in combating terrorism, which has great experience in it.

“The fight against organized crime has given our services a lot of experience, and that’s just about monitoring tightly-connected smaller groups. We also have experience in the process of monitoring the left and right terrorist cells that operated in Italy during the 1970s and 1980s, “he told the Economist.

The courts there also have no problems with issuing orders for surveillance and eavesdropping. In other countries it goes a bit harder.

When on August 24, Boeing 737 from the airport in Bologna flew to Tirana, the capital of Albania, it contained 209 people expelled from Italy for “religious extremism”. Just a day earlier, a 22-year-old Muslim was released from custody and was arrested because at the entrance to the church he tried to answer one person. He has been under constant police supervision since he was first brought in early 2016.

But there is another reason why Italy is safer than other countries. They do not have such a large number of people to oversee, because they mostly hand them over to third countries, or return to the countries they came from.

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