The number of cancer patients on the territory of the former Yugoslavia has risen dramatically since 2019 because depleted uranium from NATO bombs has the strongest influence after 20 years, according to a well-known oncologist.

Now in Serbia there are 35,000 cancer patients, and in three years the figure could reach up to 70,000.

Serbia has been threatened with a real epidemic of cancer patients for three years because the impoverished uranium that has left the NATO bombing in 1999 has been the strongest in the human body after 20 years, according to Informer, the famous oncologist Vladimir Chikaric.

According to him, there are currently 35,000 cancer patients in Serbia, and after 2019 that number could reach up to 70,000 because the effect of depleted uranium in Kosovo is spreading throughout the region.

The worst is yet to come

Chikaric reveals that the number of malignant diseases in Serbia since the NATO bombing has risen by 110 percent and warns that the worst is yet to follow.

Serbia is the first in Europe by the number of deaths from the tumor, and has almost three times more cancer mortality than the world average. The reason for this is that dust from depleted uranium in the region of Kosovo has been expanded throughout the region.

We all have a breath in it

Because of this, we now have a drastic rise in leukemia and lymphatic disorders, as well as all other cancers. But the worst is yet to follow. Namely, depleted uranium is most active after 20 years, and then healthy cells become the most carcinoma.

That means that from 2019, a lot of people will get cancer from year to year, and according to some estimates, as many as 70,000, which is twice as much as now.

“There is a real health catastrophe, which we can not stop anyway,” the oncologist warns.

The atomic-biological-chemical defense specialist finds that the largest quantity of depleted uranium, even 15 tons, is dumped in Kosovo and Metohija.

Projects with depleted uranium are dumped at 81 locations in Kosovo and Metohija, and nine in southern Serbia. More than 31,000 missiles were scattered, and the worst was the population in Plachkovica, a place near Vranje.

There radiation is enormously large, and the work to be even worse, this hill is only 600 meters from the center of Vranje, and people there guide the children on a picnic.

In addition to this location, Serbia has several more critical sites in the Pcinja District, Bujanovac and Presevo.

These areas are enclosed by concrete pillars, and warning boards are installed, while residents are informed about the danger.

He noted that the situation is alarming and that those who bombed this area should immediately remove the country’s uranium.

A large amount of storage uranium is left, whose decay time is as high as 4.5 billion years. Radiation will start massively killing us and our children.

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