New US Ambassador to Russia John Hantsman said his main goal is “to restore confidence between two nuclear powers,” KSL

We should not think it will be easy or it will be fast. But I think that with the goodwill of both sides we will be able to start an effective joint work on solving several key issues – said the diplomat speaking at a ceremony in the Capitol of the US state of Yuthah.

Commenting on the appointment of the US diplomat, Kremlin expressed hope that he will contribute to the renewal of bilateral relations “after the damage done to them by Washington”. Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s spokesman reiterated that Putin was “a consistent supporter of the revival” of Russia’s relations with the United States. The President believes that their improvement will bring benefits to the entire world, not just Moscow and Washington, Peskov said.

Hantsman came to the post of John Teft, who served as the head of the US Embassy in Russia since 2014.

Earlier in October, Hantsman, a former governor of Jute, said he intends to work to restore confidence between Moscow and Washington and boost bilateral relations.

– As the Ambassador of the United States of America to Russia, I intend to work on restoring trust between our countries and strengthening bilateral relations based on cooperation in common interests , he said, Sputnik said.

Relations between Russia and the United States have seriously complicated lately. In late December 2016, President Barack Obama’s administration adopted a package of anti-sanctions sanctions for allegedly “Russian interference in US elections and Russian pressure on US diplomats” operating in Russia.


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