On returning from Las Vegas, where she visited the survivors of the mass shooting, First Lady Melanie Trump left the helicopter “Marine One” and continued to wear sunglasses, although she was at night.

Melanie was previously criticized for choosing her clothes, while visiting the site hit by devastating hurricanes. She was then crippled by the decision to wear heels during a tour of the site affected by natural disasters, in Florida and Texas. Many then said that the choice of clothing was not harmonized.

On Wednesday, the first lady, and US President Donald Trump, returned from Nevada to Washington, and for some reason, Melanie still wore her sunglasses.

But this is not the first time. It did the same on Tuesday evening when she returned from Puerto Rico. As on August 29, when she and her husband returned from Texas.


Even when she returned from a “working holiday” from New Jersey in August, it was also dark, but she wore glasses.

Individuals stood behind Melanie and her decision, judging by the fact that the glasses are wearing them due to camera flashing, but that it is simply shy. Others, it was an “empty story”, because the first lady was a model.


The first lady was previously targeted by critics for wearing sunglasses during the more frequent publication of the Arlington National Cemetery, where veterans of the American wars were buried.

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