Horoscope for the year 2018 reveals that every sign of the zodiac will get its chance to prove something in it. Your success and happiness will depend on whether you set goals and your wishes in line with the position and movement of the planet.

Year 2018 will be the year of revealing the true faces of many people. Accordingly, there will be corresponding changes – whether they concern breakup, divorce, sudden separation. This will particularly hit Oven, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

January 2018 will be a convenient month for making plans for the future. In that period, ideas will be easier to articulate, and new opportunities will come up. A similar period will also occur in August, while autumn will be reserved for clearing some of the old accounts.

OVAN – horoscope for year 2018:

The beginning of the year will bring an unexpected fulfillment of a long dream, which you have almost given up. In that period you must also take care of your health and viral infections that can cause unwanted complications. A very interesting trip awaits you in the spring with a person you have not noticed before. At one point you will be in great dilemma on which way to go. Fortunately, you will not be in a hurry with the decision and it will be right. Autumn will unfortunately bring the loss of a very dear person you will miss a lot. Winter will wipe out scars and wait for you a lot of nice moments.

Love: Spring is a turning point for most Aries. Those in serious and long-term relationships could corrupt it with a marriage that awaited a long time. Also, those who have been alone for a long time could be in the spring, especially in April, to meet the person of their lives who have waited so long to appear.

Work: The 2018 business plan for many Ovals will be successful, but not much more successful since 2017, in which most of you have brushed off, although some of you may not be doing so. You should be satisfied with your achievements no matter how small she seemed to be at certain times. Be grateful for everything you have achieved, but of course this does not mean that you should stop there and not make any further effort. You certainly set new goals and strive for new victories and successes in 2018, which will surely be enough to you to achieve everything you have planned.

The most impressive sign

Aries may not always be the sweetest, but they have energy for export, which gives them irresistible charm. In 2018, they will not run out of coaches and fans.

BIK: – horoscope for year 2018:

In the new year you will be very disappointed with some friends who did not help you when it was the hardest. Do not mind them, the times are as they are. It will only make you stronger and learn to value life more. Period of two last week’s winters is very risky for you and you need to pay maximum attention to all risky situations. Fortunately, the central part of the year will bring some novelties in solving the financial difficulty. Still do not get rid of it, it’s not gold that’s all that shines. The love plan does not expect you anything new until the beginning of the fall. Then there will be a period in which you will be drunk with green eyes.

Love: The love situation for Taurus in 2018 will be stable, ie unchanged until the last quarter or until autumn. Spring and summer should pass you without any turbulence and keep your existing love status. Since autumn, it is possible that most Bulls themselves know their soul and start a beautiful and exciting relationship. Be careful, however, when making final decisions, because you can determine the whole further course of life.

Work: In the first half of the year, there will be no major changes for most of those born in the Bull mark. A breakthrough period awaits you during the summer, that is, in the middle of the year when it is very important to bring smart, non-clean decisions that will trace your further business career. As you decide then, you will have a second part of the year, so you have the opportunity to significantly improve your financial situation if you make a cleverly thought-out decision that will be best for you and your progress.

The most colorful sign

The most powerful character with the best manners in 2018 will be Taurus. Rarely or never will something be able to get him out of the clock. Finly and kindly as he is and he himself will avoid rude, overly aggressive people.

BLIZANCI – horoscope for year 2018:

All what you planned for the first month of the new year will collapse as a tower of cards. Sometimes it is better for you to set yourself small targets in which you can enjoy it than great, hard to achieve. Fortunately, in these difficult business moments you will have the full support of a loved one who will show you how much she cares for you. Annually you will be welcomed by a relative from abroad. You should think about this call so that you do not have to cry. It’s better to be a quiet sleep than a secured job. Autumn will bring small health problems to the cardio-vascular system. Try changing the diet for some time.

Love: Through a turbulent and not so brilliant year you will have the support of a loved one that will be of invaluable importance to you. Do not ever forget it or bother with the mind. In difficult times, you will understand who is truly worthwhile and what has the highest meaning in life, what is to be fought for and what needs to be done through life.

Work: The year 2018 for Gemini is not the most favorable year, at least not for most of them. This will all be reflected on your financial situation so do not expect too much fruition this year. Gemini must be prepared for various problems and obstacles, but those strongest and bravest will still successfully overcome each of these obstacles and get out of all these problems much stronger with one big experience behind. At the end of the year it is certainly possible to improve the situation and the circumstances will start to take a little more on your hand. So be patient and do not despair in bad times, because they will sooner or later replace them with good ones.

The most famous sign

The next year, lucky ones will follow in the footsteps. It will be full of optimism, and this will also help in favorable conditions. Often they will be in the right place at the right time, so they will be able to get something to burn out from every occasion.

Cancer – horoscope for 2018:

You are a very emotional but also a depressed person who can throw the smallest detail out of the track. You believe too much about people and because of this you often experience disappointments. At the same time, and this is the beginning of the spring, a person will appear for whom you did not have a good opinion, and make you completely out of your sincerity. Apparently, your assessment of human values ​​is not a stronger side. At work you are expecting many inconveniences and it is possible to move to another job. It will finally open your eyes and a radical shift in your thinking may be possible. One person from a close relatives will ask you for help in material terms.

Love: The first two months of this year will pass without any change as to love, while from spring there is a chance that some of you will meet a new person or get closer to a person they know from before but have not watched so much so far and not They were attractive. Open the four eyes that our people say and think carefully about whether this is the right person for you.

Work: Radical changes are expected to be part of those born under the sign of Cancer this 2018. Some will have to look for another job as there will be a reduction in the workforce and will have to seek a move to another radon site. This will be very stressful and hard for many of you, but who knows maybe you find a better job that will fill you up even if it’s less paid. Keep in mind that it’s not all about money and you should be struggling to do the more you love, so in time you will somehow be able to live a decent life. Also, be prepared for some of your relatives to seek financial help and think carefully about whether you will help her.

The most natural sign

If you are married to Cancer, before you is a year of love, family peace and warmth. By nature a family sign, Cancer will enjoy the care of children in 2018. Those who do not yet have children will imagine it and will seek partners of strict moral principles that they can rely on at any moment and which they can absolutely believe.

LAV – horoscope for year 2018:

On the New Year’s Eve, you will meet a person who suddenly appeared here who will soon disappear from your life. it would be better for you not to tie it too much. This connection is pre-sentenced to failure. Spring will bring serious problems with allergic reactions. It’s high time to do an allergy test and try to get rid of these terrible symptoms. When you least hope, and from a person you do not know best, you will receive a call for business cooperation. It all seems to be an impossible mission, but it’s worth a try. You can not lose anything there. At the end of the year, you expect a minor traffic problem. Take care.

Love: For the majority of the Lions of 2018, they will begin to grow fiercely, perhaps even at the welcome itself. Still, do not relax too much and do not rejoice before time, because such a connection will not last long. The right person for you if you are not already in a serious relationship or marriage, it could appear at the end of the summer when you begin to lose patience. Do not go because this person is also waiting for you all this time.

Work: The beginning of the year for you will be a little surprising because you did not expect a change to the top. However, it will be just a short breath, because in the spring you will already have a lot of financial problems to fix. In the second half of the year you expect even good deals abroad. Think carefully before you go over the branch.

The most famous sign

The lion with its royal posture in 2018 dominates and pays attention. Anyone who meets Lava at that time will remember that meeting for a long time. This will contribute to the innate sense of humor, intellectual and strong personality.

DEVICA – horoscope for year 2018:

Your artistic talent and excess emotions often create problems. You are not just born at the right time and in the right place. Still, you can deal with all the accompanying troubles and sometimes enjoy analyzing the corrupt world around you. One person keeps track of your work all the time and will offer you cooperation that needs to be considered. In the course of the year, you planned a great deal of housing, which always brings with it many doubts. it would be good to listen to your partner’s opinion before the final decision. Health is good for you right now. It only takes a little control of stressful situations.

Love: As for love, this year will not bring much new things, although those who solo could be able to meet the right person at the end of the year to meet your expectations finally. Still, be careful and do not give up too much, because these are important life decisions that you need to make when you are completely sure of your choice and decision.

Business: On the business plan, some of the Virgins expect new business opportunities, some of which will be very attractive and fruitful. Well evaluate them and those that make you good and worthwhile should be accepted. If you are in the job search process, you may be given a chance to travel abroad. The greatest likelihood of this is during or at the end of the year. Be prepared to think carefully about this offer and to extract all the advantages and disadvantages of such a move.

The most trusted sign

In the coming years, you will most likely be able to trust the Virgin. She will be ordered to be easy to take care of others. They will show an enviable level of compassion, empathy and dedication, which will be most pleasing to their loved ones.

VAGA – horoscope for year 2018:

In this year you need to pay more attention to health while it’s not late. For starters, you need a healthy diet and more physical activity. As soon as you have a problem, you begin to grow rapidly. Strong will all can win. For those who have a marriage or long relationship, the beginning of the summer brings a lot of tricks, wrangling, impotent words. If the connection does not work better, it will end up on time. Life is going on. The business plan will get you everything from your hand. You will enter into a very uncertain business that will, fortunately, end well. Next time do not engage in unverified business.

Love: The first part of 2018 does not make any changes, as is the case with the financial plan. However, in the middle of the year it can be a turning point for most Libra because you will have to decide what to do next, and whether the person you think is right for you or it’s time to move on and find more happiness with someone else.

Work: The first half of the year is good and does not make any major changes as far as your financial situation is concerned. Things will happen well and you will be as satisfied as possible. In the second part of the year, you are faced with an insecure business opportunity, and it may happen that if you choose to do it, you will very well profit by luck. However, be very careful here because one wrong move with you can also carry the amount of loss that would be difficult to bear.

The most impressive sign

When there is debate, discussion, speech and exchange of opinions, no one will be able to outperform Vaga. She will literally be able to talk to everyone about everything.

Scorpio – Horoscope for 2018:

Once upon a time, you really liked this kind of event. It sets life as if you are the least hope. Just do not fly too high because the fall can hurt very much. One family member will have great health problems in that period and you would do well to do everything you can to help him. Regarding the love affair that entered into a completely peaceful phase, it is possible to appear a third person who will fortunately briefly violate your harmonious love harmony.

Love: A lovely situation is calm and without major problems. Only briefly, there may be disagreements over the interception of a person on the side, but you and your partner will not, however, allow you to significantly disturb it, because you will quickly cross over. Those Scorpions who have the opportunity to get to know a person who they will not first think she is right, but autumn and winter will convince them that it is still a mutual pleasure.

Work: The start of the year can be great on the business plan for most Scorpions so use as much as you can. Also, try to be on the ground while you achieve these successes and do not let it take you because for the second part of the year it may be a bit tougher and your persistence and the need to take the time to get things done on the right way about the matter.

The most striking sign

No doubt, it will be Scorpio. If she wants revenge, nothing will stand in her way. If Scorpio mistakes somewhere in 2018, even for the living head he will not admit it, and he will not have to, as long as he wears the crown of the most striking sign.

STRELAC – horoscope for year 2018:

This year begins with a strong viral infection. That’s why you will postpone an interesting trip abroad. It will only come true in the autumn. Your immune system is severely weakened and this condition is the result of unhealthy eating and the facilitation of physical activity. You need to work on this, because health is easily lost and hard to return. At work there is a sudden advancement, a possible political engagement is possible. Maybe it should be retrieved by hand. You are not for politics. In the autumn, you will recall the person you knew in your childhood and you have not seen for a long time. The conditions for this to grow into something are seriously certain.

Love: A serious and pleasant meeting awaits you in the autumn when one person can enter into your life that you have not seen for a long time and according to which you have always cultivated some kind of emotions, and some of them towards you. Think carefully before embarking on an adventure or serious relationship with that person.

Business: New business opportunities will be shown to you throughout the year. If you refuse one, the other will come and go until you make the right choice and do not opt ​​for what you want to do. It is possible that for some of you it will be going abroad. Think carefully before such decisions. Also, there is a possibility of interference in politics.
The sweetest sign

It sounds quite unusual, but Sagittarius in the next year really has the power to become a mistress / mis sweetheart. And he will be aware of his beauty and style, and he will be distinguished by the dose of narcissism. In 2018, the mirror will be for Sagittarius to be an inseparable friend.

JARAC – horoscope for year 2018:

Your stubbornness cost you many times. There are people who give you good advice. Do not always dismiss them before you analyze them. At the end of the spring there is a possibility that you unexpectedly inherit a property that will bring you more care than satisfaction. You lack a lot of confidence and energy in ideas that you give up before time. The partner is a little disappointed in you and your relationship can come to a serious crisis in the middle of the summer. Of course, for this you are guilty and think carefully about every spoken word. You should visit an eye doctor because your vision is getting weaker and you need treatment.

Love: Those who are married this year should keep it in good condition and continue in such a harmony. Those who are solo have the prospect of getting to know the soul, most in May or August.

Work: Finances will be good, and in 2018 there is a possibility of a succession that will correct your situation. New business opportunities will not be for most Capricorn but do not let it discourage you, fight as much as you can in your power, and the results must not be left out in the end.

The most innovative sign

Capricorn is naturally so hard to open, and in 2018 it will be particularly good at hiding secrets. He will do so well to hide his feelings and facts, so that the experienced poker players will also be dizzy. Whoever tries to conceal what the Capricorn really is and what it feels will strike the wall. This barrier can be blocked only by the will of the Captain, and this is not easy to earn.

VODOLIJA – horoscope for year 2018:

After a long last year finally comes the time when you can relax, finally your ship will sail into calm waters. There are conditions for one possible accident that can be prevented. At the end of the winter, avoid any risky situations that can cause a fracture of your left leg or arm. The year will bring unnecessary love adventure for which luck your partner will not find out. The financial situation will slowly improve and it would be good not to engage in a new loan that you do not need. One of your childhood will invite you to a celebration that you would rather not leave. Find some justification that can pass.

Love: A loving situation without any major changes, is almost not worth mentioning, because for most of the Aquarius of 2018, nothing will bring anything special.

Work: Think about new business ventures and do not enter into borrowing if it is not necessary for you to do so. Finances should improve for most of you how the year goes by, so use it to save some money, not to spend everything you earn at high speed on things that you do not need and which will not make you happier.

The most glamorous sign

Definitely Aquarius. The year 2018 for Aquarius will be turned to fashion, style, glamor. It will shine like a Hollywood star on a red carpet at every opportunity, even if it was just going to the procurement. Everything will work with style.

RIBE – horoscope for year 2018:

Your positive spirit, even in difficult moments, saved you many times. That’s how it will be this time. Fortunately for spring, everything goes well. One door will open itself in front of you. You will win the sympathies of one person in a high political position. You do not need it and you have to cut it out in a cultural way. Health problems await you in the summer months for food poisoning. Hospital treatment may also occur unless you look at the shelf life of dairy products. Winter will open up to you a new business opportunity that you should try to use with your wisdom.

Love: No major changes in the first three months, while as early as April Pisces single can meet their soul mate. Do not hesitate and make a good balance with your partner.

Job: It’s important that you stay positive all year round and keep your faith in yourself and your business decisions whatever else you are told. Nobody knows what you are going through and why you make such decisions so spare your stress and do not upset what others think, but look at what’s best for you and accordingly manage your finances. Winter is the best time for you and try to make good use of it.

The most powerful sign

Maybe this will surprise you, but the most powerful sign in 2018 will be Fish. Before these romantic and gentle beings, there will be numerous challenges and obstacles that Fish will be ready to welcome, because the astrological circumstances are such that Fish can easily profit from all of this.

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