When it comes to fashion and good taste, French ladies are considered one of the best dressed women in the world. They are the embodiment of style and elegance, and they are an eternal inspiration for a multitude of gentlemen.


And the five fashion pieces that the queen of the style avoids to wear are:

1. Push-up bras

The majority of women around the world tend to increase their neck with bras.


In contrast, Frenchmen are not completely obsessed with the subject.

For them and small breasts are sensual and have their own advantages, which is why they are not overloaded with the size of their neckline.

That’s why they will not reach a push-up model, they will wear classic models, or they will not wear a bra.


2. Skyscrapers

Ultra-high heels are not an option for any lady with a refined style.


The Frenchman would never wear shoes with too high heels, that is, models of heels that rise “from the ground to the sky”.

The best-dressed women in the world are on the map of timeless elegance, so they will rather pick flat shoes, such as ballet girls.

And, when you are wearing a high heel shoes in question, they will remain faithful to classic salons.


3. Meat tricks

For most stylish experts, this fashionable piece has been in bad shape for a long time.


The illusion of the bare legs is undesirable for the French, who consider the advantage should be given to the pantyhose in other shades.

They do not wear tan-colored tights, dominated by the thought of being one of the worst “fashion” in fashion.


4. Sports wardrobe on unsportsmanlike occasions

And the French are practicing, but you will not see them in sports equipment on unsportsmanlike occasions.


Tracksuits and sneakers will leave them exclusively for the gym, or some kind of outdoor activity.

But in the tracksuit, they will not necessarily carry out the daily tasks, or dress them for any other occasion that is not closely related to sports activities.


5. A prominent brand name

Frenchmen are not fond of excesses.


According to their moderation, they will not emphasize the logo of the fashion brands in their combinations.

That is, they will avoid wearing clothes or accessories with a prominent brand name.

For the queen of the style, luxury is the way you wear your clothes, not the display of fashion stamps.

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