If you first saw:

Letter “X”

You have very high emotional intelligence! You can read the emotions of other people, even if they are trying to hide the best they can.

Career : They would be excellent as an FBI agent, advisor, teacher, cop.

Letter “A”

You have very high creative intelligence! You can quickly learn new topics and adapt effectively to any situation.

Art often means more than it means to your friends … because they just do not understand it!

Career : You would be great as an artist, a professor, a writer, an investigator, an executive director.

The letter “H”

You have very prominent skills and quality leaders! You are a natural leader and people are attracted to your power and self-confidence. Even if you are not trying to take over the leadership, people naturally follow you.

This is the gift with which you were born and who will never leave you. Use it well!

Career : You would be excellent as president, executive director, manager, chef, judge.

 The word “Y”

You have a very good heart! It’s a force because it attracts people and makes you a natural leader. Your life is an excellent example to children in your community and their parents are grateful for it. Everyone should strive to be as caring as you are!

Career : You would be as great as a mayor, advisor, teacher.

 Letter “E”

You have a great compassion for people you do not even know. Your soul is full of goodness and your heart is humble. This explains your angelic presence and peaceful action on those around you! People like to spend time with you whenever they can, because they always feel better.

Career : You would be excellent as an administrator, a nurse, a doctor, a chef.

Letter “P”

You are fearless, curious, adaptable and powerful! You are always ready to face a new challenge, no matter how big and frightening you are to others. It makes you a natural leader! No one can be a leader if he is afraid of what is in front of him. You never give up on the fight.

Career : You would be great as a director, pilot and stuntman.

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