The Cambridge duchess, Kate Midlton, lives in fear of being  “accidentally” killed in a car accident , a family friend found

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth told Kate that she “fulfilled her purpose ” after she gave birth to another child, Princess Charlotte . According to the source, Kate was shocked by these words and began to fear she would end up like Princess Diana .

The position obliges the Duchess not to complain to friends, and when she points out that it is difficult for her, she receives the answer that she knew and accepted life in the royal family as it is. Being a traditionalist, Kate wants everything to be done properly, and during her first pregnancy, she began to understand what was actually being asked of her.

“Kathy’s nurse did not commit suicide, ” sources claim, referring to Jasint Saldan, a sister who worked at King Edward VII Hospital and tragically died in 2012.

“Keith opened her mouth and revealed frightening secrets to her, she was lonely and had no one to talk to for months.” The nurse was killed to silence, and Kate would have taught her lesson now, “she says.

Kate wears the ring of Princess Diana, who Prince William inherited after his mother’s death in 1997, but believes she must wear it only to always know that the next one.

“She hates this ring, she would like to sell it, because it is worth the whole fortune, and use the money to stay with the children away and perform a plastic surgery so that nobody can recognize it.” Kate wants a safe and quiet life. . However, when her one shows how her plan unrealistic, falls into depression and do not speak to anyone for days, “says a source.

It’s also believed that her problems in marriage with William come from not being able to shareher fears with him , because the prince does not want to listen to anything against her grandmother.

When Queen Elizabeth declared that the Midlothians were “dirty” and that they were more inclined to the Spenser family (the family of the late Princess Diana) than them, Kate became even more concerned.

“The Queen knows that Kate is shocked by the secrets of the royal family , and Diana is also very familiar.” Kate is a smart girl, and she is sure that the past is the best indicator of the future, and see what happened to Diana , “the source concluded.

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