Perhaps you did not know, but there are several types of self-confidence that can greatly determine your career development and career choice. If you want to find out what your self-esteem is, look at the photo and choose the pose that works best for you. Once you’ve chosen, read the results that may surprise you …

Choose the pose that works best for you and reveal what kind of self-confidence you have


You have the confidence of a mentor!

The way you hold your wrist shows that you have great self-confidence in situations where you are one on one. You prefer to run small groups rather than big ones. You like it when people hear you, but you appreciate the other’s opinion. You want to solve problems and help as many people as possible. It is no surprise that you have the role of mentors to whom the rest are admiring.


You have amicable confidence!

The way you hold your hand shows that you enjoy relationships and work with colleagues who respect you and who respect you. You know that the links are a two-way street and you do not have time for people who do not return what they receive. You can not bear the unpleasant people. You’d rather spend time with individuals who always say what they think and never circumvent the truth. You are very frustrated when people lie to you in the face. This character has the millionaires and people of high office.


You have charismatic self-confidence!

The way you hold your arm behind your back shows that you are charismatic leaders. You do not see the others out high and you’re not jealous. You know that there will always be obstacles in life, so you want to help people. The rest are admiring you for your kindness, generosity and care. The road to success will not be so long! Such people have high positions, such as CEOs and the like.

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