British Prime Minister Theresa Mej refused to say if she would vote for Bregzit when another referendum was held.

“I voted for good reasons at the time, but the circumstances are changing and I think we should all be focused on implementing Bregzita and the best deal,” she said, visiting the LBC radio, reports Reuters.

Maya, who said she voted for the remainder, called for general elections early in the year to unite the country over her vision of Bregzita, but she then lost the parliamentary majority.


Asked if she would now vote for Britain’s withdrawal from the Union, she said she would consider everything and added that there would be no other referendum.

Britain is still divided over Bregzita, which the highest British politicians see as the most important decision since the Second World War.

In a referendum held on June 23, 2016, 51.9 percent of voters who voted supported the decision to leave Great Britain from the EU.


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