The photo that is before you is one of the famous personality tests – it’s up to you to look at it and honestly say what you first saw?


What did you first notice?


You do not have to relax – If you first saw a big face across the whole picture, you have the habit of always looking at the picture in life. You are an objective person, and for this reason you often say that you are insensitive or lacking empathy, which is not true. Make decisions by always thinking a few steps in advance and you do not get too involved. Your goal is always in your head, you know clearly what you want and go to it. The Biggest Mana: You often forget that little things make up your life and you do not have to relax.


Find something wrong in everything –  If the first thing that has burned you around for two people’s brawls, you are focused on the core of the problem. You often work to be pessimistic, and from a small problem you make (in your head) a very big thing. However, you are well on the way to resolving the problem and you are greatly proving yourself in crisis situations because you are not afraid of conflict and direct, painful solutions. Biggest flaw: Do not try to focus on positive things. In every situation, find a negative one and try to correct the faults of the Drina.


You are bad in crisis situations – If you first saw the curtain, you are an irreplaceable optimist. Pay attention to the details and you are generally a man who could pass by the forest fire without even noticing it, because he always looks at the fly as you fly and think that they are beautiful. Fortunately, you are the least bit small, you are happy about nature and you are always the person to whom all the creators are losing and seeking advice. The biggest flaw: Due to so much focus on the details, you do not see a wider picture. You’re good to people, but you’re bad in crisis ratings.

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