Gum withdrawal can cause embarrassment and discomfort. According to WebMD, the rubber line recidivism is when your arms begin to get out of the teeth, creating a void that can lead to the formation of bacteria. Some common causes are hereditism, gum disease, improper hygiene and smoking.

Gesee’s recession is not something you should ignore. If left untreated, the withdrawn gums can cause infection and, ultimately, tooth decay. However, do not feel as if everything is lost when you see the types of gum withdrawal signs. You have options.

Green tea

Green tea can be used to relieve gum inflammation and destroy bacteria that can lead to serious infection. Drink a warm glass of green tea every day to keep your gums.

Aloe vera

It can be used to protect the gum from infection or to treat an existing infection. All you have to do is use a herbal gel to clean your teeth (after regular brushing) after each meal.

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