Sometimes it’s really hard to describe love with just one word. It is an incredible set of feelings starting from euphoria to grief. You can have happy love, sad love, love that makes you strong, but love that destroys you. Yet we have gathered all this in one word – love.

Ancient Greeks knew something more about love, so they devised 6 words to describe them. So, what do you think, what kind of love do you have in your life?

1. Filia (Philia)

It is a deep love that values ​​friendship most. Filia refers to love in relationships that develop on the battlefield, showing loyalty to your friends and your sacrifice for them. This word is expressed and your ability to share emotions with them.

2. Eros (Eros)

This word comes from the Greek god of fertility and describes sexual and passionate love. In this case, you act according to your desires, but this kind of love can be unhealthy and turn into addiction. They saw Eros as a dangerous and irrational love because it is obsessing your soul. Today, in many societies, this kind of love is celebrated and most often appears at the beginning of the relationship. But later it can cause complications.

3. Ludus (Ludus)

Ludus presents children’s features that you often see with young lovers, or those who have fallen in love. This is the friendly phase when joking with your partner, right after the fire of Eros, and when you start building your friendship. You can express Ludus to strangers by dancing and joking, but it is an important part of serious relationships as soon as the passion begins to decrease.

4. Pragma

Pragma is a mature love that comes with age. This is a deep understanding between two who have spent a long time together. Pragma is the result of all kinds of love that survived and are moving towards a new era. This is a compromise, patience and tolerance on both sides. Once you reach this stage, you will get to know a completely new, deeper level.

5. Philautia

Love for yourself is the most important thing before you start to love someone else, and Philosophy is exactly what it is. In fact, there are 2 kinds of love for themselves. The first is Narcissism – the unhealthy obsession with itself. The second is more reserved. When you want yourself, you will not allow anything to deprive you of power and freedom.

6. Agape (Agape)

This word represents unconditional love. She is soft, gentle and spreads throughout her life. The word “Agape” is translated into Latin as “Caritas”, and here comes the English word “Charity”, which means charity. This love goes with Philosophy, that is, you can not unconditionally want someone if you do not want yourself first.

All kinds of love complement each other and have their own goal, but in the end each love starts from us.

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