Hungary must accept 1 million immigrants annually, says Soros.

The Hungarian prime minister struck billionaire George Soros and his attempt to destroy Europe’s spirit by “forced settlement of dozens of millions of migrants”. He argues that the duty of Christians is to fight what he calls “the rough diabolical plan”.

Hungarian lawmaker Andras Aradski, representing the Christian Democratic People’s Party, claims that Soros and his comrades want to destroy the independence and value of national states.

According to Andras, this is done in order to separate the Christian spirit of Europe by means of forced settlement of tens of millions of migrants.

“But the fight against Soton is a Christian duty. Yes, I am talking about Sutton’s attack, which denies what it is preparing to do, even when it’s quite obvious. They are trying to prove that there is no ‘immigrant’ quota, violent settlement and a plan for Soros, ‘said Andras.

“The National Consultation is an outstanding opportunity for us to express our opinion on the plan we have called the ‘Soros Sotonistic Plan’,” he concluded. Prime Minister Security Chief Gjergj Bacondi warned of the consequences of Soros’s plan.

“He can have serious consequences for the sovereignty of the member states, the nations themselves, and also the security of European citizens,” he stressed.

We must note that a recent German psychiatrist warned of an immigrant bomb in Germany and that many indigenous Germans had been suffering from mental illness due to immigration, and the number of rapes and criminal offenses has risen in record numbers.

Soros said in 2015 that “the EU must accept at least a million asylum seekers annually. And he must divide this burden fairly. ”

The EU should secure 15,000 euros per asylum seeker for the first two years to cover housing, health care and education costs and by accepting immigrants to win the trust of Member States.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has repeatedly accused Soros of the poor refugee crisis in Europe, said Brussels fell under the influence of George Soros.

“We discovered the existence of the Soros plan, and he himself acknowledged that he exists. We put it in the focus of politics, “the prime minister said in a public radio interview Friday.

In July, Orban accused Soros of using the EU to create “a new mixed, muslimized Europe”.

The prime minister said Soros is now stronger in Brussels than Washington or Tel Aviv, and argues that European institutions should struggle to limit its impact.

He said that Europe’s reform could start after the termination of illegal migration to the EU and that Hungarian border defense can help in that direction.

Last month, Orban called on the Hungarians to participate in the government’s public poll for the Soros Plan, saying it would help the country to protect itself from migration. The poll on the topic of “national consultation” will ask the Hungarians to express their views on whether Hungary should accept refugees.

“We love Hungary in the EU,” Orban said on the first day of the autumn edition of parliament.

Last week, Mr Bullioski, the director of the Soros Open Society in Europe initiative, said Soros supports a coherent and humane policy that will help move migrants fleeing from oppression and violence in their homes, but there is no global conspiracy against Hungary.

Hungary is now on the front line of the defense front against the EU quota for settling migrants, along with Poland and Slovakia. The issue is disputed over the EU’s decision in 2015 to re-place about 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy over a two-year period, of which only 27,000 have been solved so far.

Hungary cited in September that their fence at the border with Croatia and Serbia helped reduce the inflow of migrants by 99.7% from 2015.

The Hungarian fence on the border has been criticized many times by other European countries, as well as by EU politicians, but Budapest has resisted the pressure.


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