The length of your hand in relation to the length of your hand can reveal a few interesting things about your character, as well as your talents and inclinations. Put your left palm on the arm so that the thumb is in place of the elbow, and spread the middle finger as far as possible in an attempt to tap the right palm. If the middle finger manages to reach your wrist, it means that you have large palms, but if it is the other way around and that finger does not reach the joint, then your palms are small.


Long palm

People with long palms are perfectionists and are often well-focused on small details. If you are that type, then you must be aware that perfectionism is exhausting and you might feel it to some aspect of your life. You know that you are a good worker whose goal is to do everything right.

Even when you have a time limit in which you have to do something, you will speed up the pace of work more quickly and give up breaks than the quality of what you are doing to be questioned.

You are very sensitive to criticism, you are impulsive and often know how to exaggerate, but you are aware of it all. You get along well with other people, even sometimes to the extent that you neglect yourself.

Short palm

People with small palms have a free spirit and can not wait for the next adventure. They want to take risks, and even many enjoy it. If you are a man with such hands, then you must know that you are very capable in solving problems.

You can solve the most difficult and complicated problems, which others quickly give up because they think there is no solution. Drama in your life is a driving force, so you can often find yourself in relationships in which there are many drama, ups and downs, strong emotions …

Additional information:

In the shape of a square – You are practical and great logicians. You are good mathematicians, but your intuition is bad.

Rectangle – Quickly solve problems, you have strong intuition, listen to what you feel.

Long palm-shaped palm – You are sensitive and want adventures.

Long fingers – You have an unusual character.

Short fingers – You are born leaders.

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