They met on a set of the “Woman of the Year” movie in 1942 and soon began the love affair that will last until his death in 1967

Together they acted in nine films , and all their love for them was known – although he never left his wife.

Ketrin Hepbern and Spenser Trejsi  were together for 26 years, but never really.

Their connection was a public secret , but Trejsi , the traditional Catholic of the Irish Roots, could not  stand the backbone of conscience that would result from divorce with his wife Luiz, with whom he had two children.

Catherine  is one of the most iconic Hollywood  ever, but for him, as he said, did it all because he was “absolutely overwhelming” .


When they met, Trejsi  was already a familiar adulterer. His wife Luiza long ago alienated , especially after they realized that their son John was born deaf.

He had affairs with Selena Royle, Beti Hana, Loretta Young, Ingrid Bergman , Joan Crawford, Bette Davis … And once you have started to make love , he was not faithful is not Katherine .

“Why do not you find a guy with whom you will marry and have a family with the devil? When you are old you will be all alone,” said director Clarion Braun, to what Hepbern said, ” Yes, and I will take care of these fun times.”


Although she knew she would never leave her wife for her, Ketrin  had no problem with her.

“I was completely independent,  and I never wanted to go in . I wanted to walk my way,” she said. To date, there is no single shared photo that is not one of the common movies. They had to be careful not to see them together because their production companies were also asking them not to  scandalize and not go out to the public with their relationship .

He trained  never broke , but he did not live with Luiz in the last years of his life. He was taken care of by Ketrin , who took a five-year break from his career. Only then did they live together for the first time. She was next to him when she passed away , but she was not in the burial of respect for his family  .

After that, he called his wife and offered to be friends . She told her, “But I thought you were just a gossip.” Ketrin is cranberry.

“After almost 30 years, a gossip, it was deeply wounded, almost 30 years ago, Spens and I knew each other, they did good and bad, some gossip , which she never admitted to my existence, she remained her wife, she sent her Christmas congratulations. Spenser , culprit. She, the victim . I have not broken their marriage. it happened a lot before I came, “wrote Catherine  in the autobiography he published only after Luisa’s  death. It was the first time that she admitted the affair with the Trial.


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