The constant desire of every woman is to be as beautiful as possible. Depending on the part of the world and the climatic conditions that govern there, women are using various tricks that are completely natural, and they help them in a quite simple way to cherish their beauty. Find out some useful tips and tricks for beauty from women around the world.


Egypt – The land of ancient cosmetics

The Egyptians, but also the Egyptians, used cosmetics in the time of the Pharaohs. They did not use cosmetics and make-up only for beautification, but they were also a mandatory part in rituals and rituals. And, particular attention was paid to beauty and make-up of the eyes. In addition, the make-up artist also had a protective role-protecting skin and eyes from desert dust and sun, dust and possible infections.

Egyptian beauty beauties reached the peak in the 1st century BC. thanks to the famous Egyptian ruler Cleopatra. Many recipes for body and body care that were created in her age are still used today throughout the world. Almond, honey and milk are often used in the creation of cosmetic products. Egyptian favorite smells were and smells of jasmine and rose.

India – With a massage to the beauty

The basic principle of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian study of health and life that occurred 5,000 years ago, is that a person is healthy if he establishes harmony between the soul and the body. This teaching is still widely accepted today in India. Indians hide the secret of their beauty in a few drops of oil and a good massage. Thanks to this, women from this country are world famous for their fattening, as well as for a mild and balanced look.


Japan – A towel massage for better circulation and pink skin

Women from Japan are specific in snowy white skin, smooth as porcelain. To cleanse the skin, the Japanese mostly use rice peeling. Minced rice from the skin removes dead cells, while the rice oil sprouts hydrate the skin.

To refresh the skin and stimulate blood flow, the Japanese use massage with a towel. They take a large towel towel, wrap it and firmly hold it on the ends, and with it it slides through the feet, the leaves and the back. The massage lasts about ten minutes and it is very refreshing for the whole body, and the skin gets a beautiful pink color.

Thailand – Pearl shells against skin infection

Thailand is a country well known for its warm and humid climates, but also for beautiful girls with a mysterious smile whose skin always looks incredibly fresh despite high temperatures and high humidity of air that averages over 90%. What is their secret?

Immediately after each shower, they pour all of their body with powder, and for the face they use a special powder with menthol that cools the skin and keeps its freshness all day long. For the treatment of acne and pimples, for disinfection and calming of irritated skin, the Talians use pearl shell creams that contain a high concentration of vitamin A.

Morocco – The Land of Charity

Members of the Moroccan people Barbers for skin and hair use a country of volcanic origin, one hundred million years old. The Moroccan volcanic soil cleans the deepest layers of the skin and at the same time feeds it with minerals. In doing so, the skin does not cause any chemical reactions.

This soil is abundant with minerals that have moisturizing properties and contains microscopic soap particles that gently cleanse the skin. With prolonged use it can even remove the fine folds of the skin. Moroccans usually make masks for cleaning the face, as well as shampoos for washing and care of oily hair.

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Mexico – Desert Jojoba for dense, black hair

Mexicans are recognizable by thick, black and shiny hair. The secret to their lush black hair should be sought in the Jojoba herb oil that grows in the deserts of Mexico. This unusual herb is well tolerated even by temperatures higher than 50 degrees, but it does not need water at all. In fact, thanks to the wax that covers the entire surface of the herb, the moisture from it can not evaporate, so it keeps the water it collects for a long time during the few rainy days.

The Indians used the jojoba from which they collected medicinal ointment. Today, the cosmetics use the oil that is obtained from the seeds of this herb, and which is more like a wax. Applied to the skin or hair, the jojoba oil creates a layer on the surface that has a protective function, so the hair remains dense and shiny, and the skin gentle.

Brazil – Mate tea for a slender line

In people who drink it, mathematics reduces the sense of hunger, acts stimulating and calming. Because of such properties, this tea is also known as “green gold”. It is also a perfect supplement to all diets. Scientific research has found that those who drink and mate tea during the diet have a 25% greater chance of getting a slim line than those who hold an ordinary diet.

The mate is native to South America, where it grows as a tree that reaches a height of up to 15 meters. It is grown on the plantations in the form of reeds. It is interesting that the tea is not prepared with boiling water, as is the case with other teas, but pour with lukewarm or completely cold water.

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