As the first lady of the United States, Melanie Trump does not stop attracting attention, she is now again in the center. Namely, on Twitter there appeared a theory that she uses a duplicate when she is expected to appear at some public events.

In a recent speech to Trump’s media, people noticed that Melanie acted a bit strange.



She had great sunglasses, and someone pointed out that the nose had a different form, so the tweets of people who believe that it is not Melania spread quickly on the Internet.

People also emphasize that there is a difference in height between Melanie and the woman who is “her double”, and they have not missed the opportunity to comment on her hair.



Watching Melanie’s previous photos, many have concluded that there is a secret service agent who is incredibly physically resembling Melanie, so that the agent could be a dildo.

Take a shot at 0:26 and evaluate if they look like it.

It was doubtful to the public that she suddenly did not take out the glasses when Trump was addressed to the media.



Shortly afterwards, jokes were begun at the expense of the event, so people posted pictures and photos where they were ridiculing the event.

However, it seems that it was just the fruit of a lush fantasy of social network users and that the woman who appeared next to Trump is really Melanie.

Other photos taken that day openly show that there is only one Melanie.



This is not the first time that dust has been raised for an alleged double in American politics.

During the election campaign, the public commented at one time that Hillary Clinton had used a dick when she was ill.

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