The battle takes place in the yard. Every year, the slow Japanese maple must compete with the herbs that appear from nowhere. Although it is 5 years old, the maple is only 60 centimeters tall. He must see how aggressive herbs try to reach his height, threatening to attack him.

My wife makes me remove the intruders, but I’m never doing it with the excuse that I’m allergic. Well, the lawns camp in the yard, but they do not count because I know that at the end of the season they will die, and my maple will be higher than a few centimeters. Its roots will be deeper, and its trunk stronger and thicker.

Years from today the maple will be above the dangerous herbs. It will block the sun and destroy its enemies.

It takes time for success

The storyline in the story represents this success. He does not appear from nowhere. In the first 2 years, the tree is trying to make a healthy root. Then it grows millimeter in millimeters, but it grows. As each winter passes, it becomes stronger. The rope is preparing for a long future that awaits it, and not just for two seasons of sunshine.

Like the maple, you also need to build your success on a solid foundation. It takes time for this power. You need to learn and master the basics. You will need a lot of time, and you will surely wonder why you can not start the interesting things immediately. Most often in life, interesting things are basic movements in complex combinations. If you do not master the foundation, you will never get to the interesting one.

Give yourself time to build the base. Everything else will depend on it.

There is no overnight success

The grass grows very quickly, but behind that growth is a weak root that can be removed very easily.

There are many people who sell success. You may have been offered something like “Invest in this company and you will get 1,000% back in 2 years.” These bids sound appealing and some people accept them, but this success is very often short-lived.

Graves come and go every year. They shine in one moment and then disappear. Take the time to make an empire rather than something that will immediately disappear. Give yourself time to build your foundation and live long and comfortable.

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