The information that pops up around Europe and the world is that George Soros did not show up and allegedly died in his room on Saturday at a hotel meeting in Dubai.

As Polish bloggers and portals write, George Soros’ death is still hidden from the public and where he has a son who succeeds his work as his successor.

Otherwise, his medical team found heart problems and the most likely cause is infarction.

Otherwise George Soros died at the age of 87 and had previously transposed his fortune to the fossilized Society with a total of 2/3 of all his capital, and his work would continue his son who inherited it from him.

It will no longer be the same in the world.

Here is the news translated from Polish to Macedonian ”

“The death of a Jewish billionaire caused great excitement in Dubai. The entire hotel was surrounded by police and the military for just over an hour and a half. All guests in the hotel are forbidden to go to the end of the course. No one can enter it. There are already places of UAE in power, and, according to one of the reporters, even Jacob Rothschild appeared!

At 11:30 am, George Soros will meet with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Makotum. He did not appear at the meeting. Concerned about this situation, Sheikh went to the hotel Burj al-Arab, where Soros recently stayed. From one of the recipients, he learned that he was never a sign of life from last night! Muhammad ordered him to enter his room and check what had happened. There he saw him dead, lying beside the bed. He immediately upset the hotel manager and called for an ambulance. But it was too late … George Soros was dead before that many hours.

It is assumed that death occurred between 21 and 22 hours, the day yesterday. With autopsy the body will know more about this. For now, the police refuse to give explanations.

“My father complains of a severe stroke in the chest for several weeks,” Al Jazeera told his son Alexander Soros. Then he added: “The message of his death fell upon me like a lightning rod from the clear sky. I believe I can replace it with dignity. ”

Georg Soros’s sympathy has already passed. Angela Merkel, Emanuel Macron and Donald Trump, as well as in Poland – Adam Mikhnik, who quoted here: “The world today lost a single philanthropist and businessman.” Newspaper Viborta awarded the title “Man of the Year” in 2000.

It is not known when and where the funeral of the Jewish billionaire will take place. It is only known that it will be intimately, for a close group of people.

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