When the members of the stronger sex are in question, they often quite well separate love and sex. And, depending on his behavior before, during and after intimate relationships, you can conclude that a man really has feelings for you.

Usually, physical attraction is the first thing that connects two people in pairs.

In most cases, they soon end up in bed, giving up passions and body drives.

What will follow later depends on whether the relationship will develop into “something more,” that is, whether the emotions in the game will be included.


To find out whether the man was only heated for sex, or he really “make love” with you, we find the seven habits to bed after you recognize the difference.

If you feel a lot more than ordinary sexual attraction towards you, your partner does the following:

1. It’s no problem waiting for you.

Are not you ready for sex yet? Do not you want to go home with him right away?

If you really like it and have romantic feelings for you, then you will be full of understanding.

You will split up with a kiss, without insisting on sex at all costs.


2. He sees you in the eye while you love.

During intimate relationships, the most bereaved is the position in which you can look at your eyes. Well, you often have sex in such poses.


3. Slowly examines the field.

Of course, there is nothing bad either in intense sex – when in the surge of passion, your partner is as quick as possible to “crush” your clothes as soon as possible.

However, sometimes it’s just as nice when he is researching every part of the body, taking you slowly and gradually.

It is much harder for him to refrain from immediately “throwing” himself to work.


4. It touches you and touches your whole body.

It’s not just sex in question, but it’s all about you. He wants to feel you, with his whole body.


5. He wants you to like what he does.

Personal satisfaction is not in the first place. Therefore, you will feel unselfish, both of you will feel good, and you will be wonderful.


6. You understand if you do not experience orgasm.

When they meet a new husband, a large number of women need a certain period of time to completely relax.

That is, to find out how easiest you will experience the pleasure with him in bed.

The man who really loves you will not try to force you to orgasm. It will understand and give you time, however much you need it.


7. After sex, hugging, cuddling and kissing in the forehead.

Man’s behavior after sex can also reveal much about his feelings.

If it takes you in a embrace and firmly hugs you, it’s a sign that you really love it. The kiss, in turn, shows that he wants to protect you.



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