Coffee lovers are growing every day, commenting on how harmful or beneficial caffeine is – the same.

Experts on nutrition, doctors and nutritionists argue that coffee is not harmful when consumed by measure. So enjoy peacefully in each cup of caffeine drink, using the maximum of its benefits, following the following “rules”:

1. Do not drink coffee before 10 am

Shocking but scientifically justified! Studies show that immediately after becoming a person is looking and noticing everything because of the increased levels of cortisol in the body. It is within an hour or two, and then he is asleep and his concentration falls because cortisol also decreases. It’s also the right time to put some caffeine in your body.

2. Often but by little

Scientists argue that caffeine is more effective when taken in small doses, so you can divide the coffee into halves.

3. Do not drink coffee while you are eating

It’s better to spend an hour after lunch when you are sleeping. Do not drink caffeinated beverage at dinner if you want to have a peaceful and healthy sleep.

4. Cafe before the afternoon slumber?

According to some research, if you drink coffee 30-60 minutes before the afternoon slumber, you will wake up several times more productive and creative!

5. Drink coffee with a glass of water

Coffee has a diuretic effect, and you consume it with a glass of water, you will protect yourself from dehydration.

6. Count your glasses, do not overdo it with coffee

It has been accepted that an adult should not drink more than 40 mg of caffeine per day. Otherwise, it can lead to irritability, an upset stomach, and insomnia.

7. Drink coffee before exercise

Not only increases the concentration and motivation, but also the durability, because it uses the body’s fuel fats.

8. And most importantly, you drink your coffee

Instead of adding sugar and cream, you should better preserve your caffeinated beverage with almond / soy milk or coconut milk. Replace sugar with honey – healthier and low calorie.

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